A Glorious Night!

Fifty years ago Betty and John Clemens married one another and that happy couple just celebrated, a few months ago, their 50th wedding anniversary. Fifty years together enjoying life, meeting challenges, raising a family, hoping for the best in life and staying together through what had to have been many challenges so the surprise party just for them was a loving gesture all the way around!

I felt so honored a few months ago to be invited to their surprise anniversary party. Their daughter, Cathy asked friends and relatives to a surprise party to help the couple celebrate their special union. I was lucky to be on the guest list and it was an event that I’ll remember for a very long time. Since the party was a surprise Cathy, in her invitation, had asked that people not park close to the family home so the “bridal couple” wouldn’t get suspicious that “something was afoot.”

It worked perfectly. The couple were completely surprised and overwhelmed when they arrived home and opened the door to find a house full of friends and family. Cathy had a fabulous montage of her parents’ years together, from being newlyweds to today, and it was a beautiful, sentimental, loving gesture that all of us were able to see and appreciate on a large screen.

I have attended thousands of different events throughout my journalistic career in the mountains and some are very, very special. This was one of those great events and I was honored to be on the guest list. The “bridal couple” were so thrilled and honored by this fun, surprise anniversary party.

Oh what a night…..it was wonderful!



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