CHP “Gradutes” Five New Canines!

The world is filled with “cat lovers” and “dog lovers” but members of the California Highway Patrol have a special relationship with the canines who are part of the CHP program.

The CHP has just completed a graduation ceremony for five canines and their handlers. The special event, held at the CHP headquarters in Sacramento on December 18, saw five “canines” graduate after spending 11 weeks of intense training at the CHP academy.

If you have never had the opportunity to see one of the CHP canine programs you might consider attending next year’s Emergency Services Day at the Arrowhead Area CHP station. This event is held during the summer and when the canines and their handlers are available they come up to the Running Springs CHP station and as part of the day’s events and they give quite a show to onlookers. Watching the dogs charge toward a hidden “drug” or other object is impressive and it is a reminder that you would never want to have one of those well-trained dogs chasing you down because guess who would win that race.



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