Running Springs and Arrowbear Fire Departments Celebrated with Residents in Annual Holiday Events!

Last week members and guests of the Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake fire departments celebrated the upcoming Christmas fun with the community.

The Running Springs Firefighters Association has hosted their party at Charles Hoffman Elementary School for decades (even before it was named Charles Hoffman Elementary and was still known as Running Springs Elementary School. This event is always joyous, loud, exciting and delicious as the firefighters feed all the residents who turn out for this annual event.

This year there seemed to be more people than usual and the noise level in the cafetorium of the Running Springs elementary school was really loud and I mean really loud.

Children and their parents waited in a long line so the children could talk with Santa about their Christmas wishes. From the tinyest babies to the older children (and perhaps one or two adults) this annual event is such fun. The firefighters treat everyone to delicious foo and the long tables that are set out in the and the benches that accompany them are always filled.

Santa is always happy to hear all the children’s wishes and the fact that he took the time to come to “our little school” is always wonderful. He’s so busy this time of year but he’s always at this event. Isn’t Santa wonderful? If you don’t think so then perhaps you need to talk to more children. They’ll tell you all about Santa and what he does for children all around the world.

The Arrowbear Fire Department dinner was held at the large auditorium at Calvary Chapel Camp on Green Valley Lake Road. This event, too, was very special because it is one of those great events that honors those who have gone beyond the call of duty to help the fire department help Arrowbear residents. To put it mildly, it was fun, the food was delicious and a great time was had by all.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the season because it is quickly over and we move forward with a new year that will soon be here.


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