New Years Memories

Each year as the new year looms I get very sentimental as the Rose Parade gears up for the annual celebration of the new year.

My family went to the Rose Parade for years and years as we lived close by Pasadena in the lovely Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. We would clammer into our big blue Plymouth station wagon and head to the parade route and we would also find a great place to watch this fabulous and exciting parade. For many years the local residents who lived a block from the parade route would let people park on their front lawns for about $2 so we would head for the closest lawn where we could park and begin to get two long ladders and a heavy plank from our car. We would carry them to the parade route and oftentimes people we didn’t even know would help us erect the ladders and then hoist the heavy plank up and push it between the two ladders. My sister and I would very carefully climb the ladders and then really-really carefully “scoot” across the plank until we all had a birds-eye view of the to-be parade route. Other people who were in the same area always helped our father  with getting the ladder and plank up sufficiently so that my sisters and I were safe. Needless to say we always had a fabulous view of the parade and I will always remember the thrill of this incredible parade with its band, the Rose Queen and her court, the beautiful floats and all the excitement that went with this historic event.

Every year when I watch the fun on television I always wish I were right back there on that thick bench that was held up by two ladders and that I was enjoying being there with my family. Weren’t we lucky to live so close and to have such wonderful memories for so many years of this exciting event that people from all over the world attend each New Year’s Day.

If you have never attended the Pasadena Rose Parade put it on your “bucket list” because it is one of those things that you can watch on television but being there, in person, is quite spectacular and it will give you and your family lifetime memories.













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