Sandy and Larry Caplinger Need Your Help!

If you can help Larry and Sandy Caplinger right now, please try. This couple has struggled so much the last year and unfortunately their struggles continue. Larry is now undergoing expensive cancer treatments and so their remaining son has opened a gofundme account for them. Please go onto and donate what you can. Larry and his wife Sandy are “Mr. and Mrs. Soccer” in the San Bernardino mountains. They have had an unbelievably horrible last year and a half or so when one of their beloved sons died of cancer. Now Larry  is the focus and he (and Sandy) need our help. Please donate whatever you can as each donation counts. This unbelievable couple has given so much of their lives to our local Rim of the World communities and now they need our help.

Wouldn’t it be great if life was fair!? If life was fair bad things would happen to bad people but, obviously, that’s not life. Please do what you can do help Larry and Sandy. They need our financial support as well as our friendship, prayers and love!


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