Are You a Mistletoe Warrior?

What’s a Mistletoe Warrior? It’s someone who (usually) lives in the local mountain communities of Running Springs, Green Valley Lake and Arrowbear Lake. Why do they need warriors? Throughout the past several years mistletoe (yes, that fun plant that people kiss under during the Christmas holidays) is destroying native and other trees in many of the mountain communities.

Sadly, mistletoe isn’t the “fun loving” plant we like at Christmas it’s an aggressive plant that loves to kill trees. To see mistletoe in the trees simply drive down Running Springs School Road and look at the oaks and sometimes the pine trees that are filled with clumps of mistletoe. Ultimately, if the mistletoe infestation cannot be stopped those trees will die.

Volunteers are needed to help continue the eradication of mistletoe throughout the Rim communities. For more information log onto or contact Lyn at (909) 353-9199. Any help would be more than welcome!

The old saying about fighting fire with fire doesn’t pertain to this problem but without fighting the mistletoe infestation many beautiful trees will be lost to this “invasive killer.”







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