When Running Springs Hosted the Senior Winter Games

Eighteen years ago (in 1998), with support from Mountains Community Hospital, the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District, Snow Valley, Rim Nordic, the Blue Jay Ice Castle, Soroptimist International of Lake Arrowhead, the Arrowbear Lake Lions Club,the U.S. National Senior Sports Organization, the Senior Winter Games took place in the local communities. Many of the events were held in the Running Springs communities and they were a huge success.
During that time the communities generally received a lot of snow so many of the events were snow related. Some of the events included ice fishing at Green Valley Lake, snowball throwing, a hockey goal shoot at the Blue Jay Ice Castle, the Blizzard Walk (which was timed so it was very competitive, and cross country skiing at Rim Nordic. At the time all the alpine events, including skilled and “newbie” skiers in the giant Slalom, went to Bear Mountain in Big Bear where these events were held.
The “games” brought hundreds of athletes, families, “athlete-wanna-bees) up to the mountain communities. Registrants had to sign up for the events they wanted to participate in and at the end of the individual competitions ribbons were awarded to those who took the top “slots.”
While the games were promoted as just great exercise and a way to get the “oldies but goodies” out into the local areas the athletes and everyone who stood around watching the events had a great, great time!


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