Local Artist, Now Author, Kept CHE Students Enthralled at Recent Assembly!

Running Springs illustrator and author, Patrick Scullin, recently visited Charles Hoffman Elementary School when he presented an assembly that featured his art and new book, entitled Pandamonium.
As a young boy Scullin attended the school when he was a boy and at that time the school was called Running Springs Elementary. Chuck Hoffman was principal at the time.
In the 5th grade Patrick won the Smokey the Bear “Prevent Forest Fires” poster contest and he got to have his artwork displayed on a sign on Hwy. 330. He loved to draw comic book cartoons and super heroes everyday and he filled lots of sketchbooks at home.
During his presentation at the CHE assembly Patrick talked about how drawing as a kid inspired him to become a comic book artist and illustrator as an adult. During the assembly he read a few pages of his new book to the children He showed them some of the 43 illustrations in the book and how he developed the main character Robin, the Pirate Steampunk Panda Bear heroine. The children then joined him in a drawing lesson where they all designed (together) an “Adventuresome Giraffe” that looked a lot like Indiana Jones.
Scullin has written and illustrated a weekly web comic strip, Super Siblings, for the past eight years and he has published the comic strip and related comic stories as graphic novels. In the comic,”Scout,” the older brother is the “good guy” and Banshee, the younger sister is the “bad guy” they fight against one another in various adventures, not knowing each others secret identities.
Patrick continues to illustrate super heroes and famous characters from popular culture. He also teaches Graphic Arts and Illustration at Riverside City College.
His books can be ordered at: http://patrickscullin.bigcartel.com.


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