Thank You, Nancy Tucker!

Several Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake residents were part of the “thank you” event that was held for Nancy Tucker for her years of service to the communities she has loved for so long.
Along with her late husband Richard (aka Dick) I called that couple “The Dynamic Duo” as they earned that “name” for their service to the Running Springs and Arrowbear communities for many, many years.
Sadly, Dick died a few years ago and Nancy will soon be moving back east so yesterday’s party was not only a going away event it was thend change for residents and friends to thank you. Many Running Springs and Arrowbear residents attended the luncheon that was held in Yucaipa, at the lovely mobile home park she has lived in for many years. Nancy was lauded for her commitment to the local Arrowbear and Running Springs communities and several Running Springs and Arrowbear residents and firefighters attended the event to thank her for her longtime service to the communities she and Dick loved so much.
In addition to their civic commitments what used to be known as Arrowbear Park is now called Tucker Field and a large sign was erected at the field several years ago to thank the couple for their commitment to the Women’s Softball League as well as their general commitment to their communities. For years and years the couple supported, “babied” and loved to work with the women’s softball league that was, in many “their baby.” Eventually the league became part of the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District program but without the love and commitment by (what I call the Dynamic Duo) of this couple who knows if the beautiful lakeside field would still exist.
The “going away” party was great fun but also very sentimental because with Dick gone (but not forgotten) and with Nancy moving back east a big bit of Arrowbear and Running Springs history goes with her.
I know that Arrowbear and Running Springs residents wish her well as she moves on with this new chapter in her life.

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