The 1986 R.S. Beauty Pageant

Thirty years ago the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored a beauty pageant that turned out to be great fun and interesting all at the same time. I found this information in the issue of my local newspaper from 1986 and thought you all might enjoy it too…and perhaps some of the contestants will see it as well and remember….way back when!

The contests of course were all from the Running Springs communities and that included Green Valley Lake and Arrowbear Lake. Each of the young women was sponsored by a local business so it was a win-win occasion both for the contestants and and their sponsors. It was great fun and the winner held “the crown” for a year. She attended ribbon cuttings and participated in community events. The pageant came to pass when a man moved into Running Springs who was very involved with organizing and working on national beauty pageants. He was a hairdresser by trade and he was the one who thought of the idea of hosting a pageant in the local mountains.

Young women and their families loved the idea and I have to say it was great fun and the girls learned a lot about posture and all the intricacies of being in pageants. It was a fun time for the girls and their families (and for newspaper owners like me). Several of the girls  went on to other pageants.

Here’s a list of the girls who participated in the 1986 contest. Each of the girls had a local sponsor which made the pageant even more fun for everyone.

As the owner of The Alpenhorn newspaper in Running Springs I printed a list and photos of the 1986 pageant contestants and their sponsors so take a stroll back to 1986 in Running Springs.

Tamara Housley, 17, was sponsored by Field’s Auto Body.

Heather Mortimer, 16, was sponsored by Home Telephone and Video.

Heather Riach,17, was sponsored by P&R Construction and Grumpy’s Bakery and Deli.

Amanda Todd, 20, was sponsored by Ponderosa Real Estate and Cedar Tree Escrow

Lara Lyon, 17, was sponsored by Cedar Glen Auto Body.

Julie Hopkins, 19, was sponsored by the Mountaineer newspaper. At the time she was working at a hair salon in Redlands.

Dana Fowers, 17, was sponsored by the Golden Elk. At the time she was a senior at Rim High School.

Terra Paisley, 17, was sponsored by Futala Paving. At the time she was a senior at Rim High.

Cari Coleman, 17, was sponsored by Eric Furst. A the time she was a junior at Rim High School.

This was an exciting event for the girls and their families. The community of Running Springs really got behind the pageant and it was a fun, exciting time for everyone involved.





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