How to Help Larry and Sandy Capinger

On a previous post I told all you readers that Sandy and Larry Caplinger need your help (and they do) and to go onto to donate whatever you can to help this incredible, longtime mountain couple who have done so much. Without Larry and Sandy hundreds of local children wouldn’t be playing soccer each season because this couple were absolutely instrumental in forming the local program, continuing to be “the go-to people” for information and support. For all these years they have dedicated incalculable hours to maintaining the program and giving it all they can.

You may not know that Larry is undergoing cancer treatments for a particularly difficult form of this terrible disease. They established a GoFundMe account in order to receive donations from generous friends, family, soccer lovers and anyone else to donate. Also, there is a fun, under the name of Sondra and Larry Caplinger at First Mountain Bank in Running Springs. I know they can use and would appreciate any donations so please consider donating to this couple who literally have changed the “face” of sports in our mountain communities.

Again, you can go to First Mountain Bank (near the Running Springs Library) and donate whatever you can. I know they don’t want a lot of publicity but I’m happy, as their friend, to help them however I can. The “old” account they have is under the name of Sondra and Larry Caplinger.





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