From 1987-A Great Story About Green Valley Lake

As I peruse some of my old newspapers (I was the birth mother, so many years ago, of The Alpenhorn in Running Springs and I owned it for many, many years. I have a lot of my old newspapers and it is always a look back when I peruse through them.

For the June 11, 1987 issue the front page contained great photos and a story I wrote about the groundbreaking ceremony held in Green Valley Lake for the community center. It was quite a day and an event. Enjoy!
Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in Green Valley Lake for the community center which will eventually be located by “The Lodge.”

The ceremony was attended by, among others, Supervisor John Joyner’s field representative, Ron Bangert. Green Valley Community Center spokesman Frank Cornwall said that the center would not be possible if not for bequests made by Einar Lilleberg and Jim Reed who left their entire estates to the community.

Speaking briefly, Bangert praised Cornwall for being one of the motivating people for the construction. “There are still some hurdles to overcome bu it can become a reality in the future,” Bangert said. He promised that the county would work as closely as possible with the Association to make the dream come true.

Local historian Robbie Robinson said that his principal interest in the project is a museum which will be built in the complex. He would like to see a museum which would allow students intensive study of the Serrano Indians who inhabited the local San Bernardino mountains as well as its local history.



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