Arrowhead Arts Fabulous A.A. Summer Event Festival Calendar…..Incredible!

If you’ve never taken advantage of enjoying the fabulous Arrowhead Arts summer music festival let this be the year that you get in your car, drive to the fabulous sight right by the lake and enjoy every single second of the music and the ambiance of the venue. I have been so lucky to attend several of them throughout the years and I can tell you that you will love every single second.With beautiful Lake Arrowhead literally feet away you can’t imagine what a treat it is to bundle up in a blanket and watch the fun right next to the lake.

This summer the marvelous organization will feature the Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Revue that features great “swing” music. I promise you, you’ll have a fabulous time and it’s fun to get out there and dance to the fabulous  swing music……. ,You’ll think you’re back in the ’30s or ’40s so be prepared to love it! Many people take a dinner with them and sit at a a table right by the lake and it is so much fun! Th music is first-class so be prepared to have a fabulous time. You won’t be able to keep your feet from dancing or for non-dancers, their feet will be able to tap to the music under the table.

Thursday, July 27 at 6 p.m. get ready to love Nancy Walker who sings the fabulous music of the late great Patsy Cline. Even though I’ll be another year older on that day I won’t “fall to pieces.” (That song was one of the late great singer’s biggest hits.)

Tickets for these concerts are $20 for adults and students from Kindergarten through 12-year-olds are free with an adult. Be sure to take a blanket or sweater because the venue is right next to the lake  at the Tavern Bay Beach Club. Adult tickets are $20 and students, kindergarten through 12-years-old are free with an adult.

Plan to attend. You’ll love this summer event and with so many people sitting at tables by the lake an enjoying their dinner as well as the ambiance you can’t miss the fun.For information call (909)  337-4296. The Arrowhead Arts Association is a blessing to local residents and visitors who love music.

I like to think that Patsy Cline is loving every minute of this event from her seat in heaven.


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