Are You At Your Wits End? Read This!

From time to time everyone has stress that they don’t know how say “goodbye” but the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is hosting a new class entitled “Adult De-Stressing.” If you’re interested don’t stress out trying to get information….simply go to the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District headquarters on Hwy. 18 in Rimforest and sign up for their “Adult De-Stressing” class. If you’re already racing to the phone to get more information you are certainly are a candidate for this exciting program that literally could be a  life-changer. Participants need to be 18-years old and older for this Monday evening group of meting. The cost is $60 per month and I suspect that participants will say that it was the best thing they’v done in a long, long time. The instructor, Laure Ohart will guide participants into ways to value themselves to learn more about healthy eating, simple relaxation and meditation techniques as well as ways to deal with stress. The class isn’ts held twice a week so come and enjoy the camradderie, enjoying making a simple craft. Who knows? You may discover that you’re a budding Picasso or you love love to paint and with that love comes less stress. This program is not an “I can do it better than you can” series of classes, it’s all about enjoying what you’re doing and letting that enhancement add the enjoyment.

For information contract the Rim of the World Recreation an Park District at  or send a fax to (909) 336-55239(909) 337-PARK23


The program is held at the district office in Rimforest.

Come an enjoy!


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