Come Ride the Trolley in the Mountains

Wouldn’t the late, great Judy Garland just love to see and ride the new trolley in the local mountains!!!! As a very young actress she sang was came to be called the “The Trolley Song” and it was in a wonderful musical. Well, today you, too, can ride a great bright red trolley for the summer. Thanks to Mountain Transit the new trolley can transport passengers from Lake Gregory in Crestline to Lake Arrowhead  $5 all weekend long. The bright red trolley  is just fabulous and passengers can use it for unlimited re-boarding all weekend long (even  on extended holiday weekends). Weekenders can purchase weekend trolley passes from the conductors. You want a family fun event??????!!!! You’ve just found it! For information call (909) 878-5200. I can’t help but think that the late great Judy Garland would absolutely love to be alive so she could ride the bright red open-air trolley. She would have loved it!

For route information all (909) 878-5200. If this sounds like fun….it will be!



nly $5 for unlimited boarding. Stops include Toptown (in Crestline), Blue Jay, Skypark at Santa’s Village, Twin Peaks, Lake Gregory and Lake Arrowhead Village



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