From 1989…”Another Man’s Treasure”

In 1989 I wrote a story in my newspaper, The Alpenhorn, about the groundbreaking  ceremony for whattt2 was held for the local thrift store at the Heaps Peak Transfer Station. As the owner and publisher of The Alpenhorn I happily attended the event. Among my memories is the fact that it was so clean and shiny that we could have eaten off the floor without a gulp. We didn’t eat off the floor but I’m sure it has been that shiny since that time. This is the story I wrote for my paper.”Due to inclementtn weather on Friday, February 3, he scheduled groundbreaking for the thrift store at the Heaps Peak Transfer Center was cancelled and has been rescheduled to May 19 from noon to 2 p.m.  The brainchild of Heaps Peak Transfer Station Manager Joe Harich, the building will be a giant warehouse called “Another Man’s Treasure” and i will be filled with large appliances, mattresses and other items, all at very appealing prices (cheap, Joe says, because they have to be moved quickly.) The proceeds will be donated to the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District, much  as the proceeds underway at the transfer station. “This will be like a mountain-wide home club, Harich explained. “the transfeer station is the perfect place for this type of enterprise. Before the construction of the building, there was no place to house usable items, so they were destroyed y the wather. This way, we can capture them, have them repaired by an army of people who have been approached or hired to help with this project. There are a lot of items that can e spoiled by weather…there’s not much market for soggy mattresses or televisions,” he added. “It’s a whole new world for me. I’m not from the sales world,” Harich explained, but he has hired people who are. “with 100,000 vehicles a year visiting the tranfer station, the possibilities for recycling large as well as small commodities are endless.”Ifeel that by the May 19 groundbreaking, we’ll have a full house,” Harich concluded.

The uilding will b a modular facility hich means that tsecions can be


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