Arrowhead Arts: Fabulous! If you’re not familiar with the Arrowhead Arts Association let me happily know about this wonderful organization that has been bringing music to the mountains for many years. Throughout the years it ha been my privilege and complete delight to attend so many of their fabulous concerts throughout the years and the upcoming one is right around the corner) with the 5th annual Mountain Artists Tour Music Festival. This fun event is held right the lake at the Arrowhead Lake Association’s Tavern Bay Beach Club. The music is always fabulous and the venue is wonderful….right by the lake…it just doesn’t get better than that. The Summer Music Festival is always great fun as the perormances are right next to the lake. This year’s festival will include the always fabulous Petee Jacobs and His Wartime Revue. (You’ll love it just me, you’ll think you’ back in the swing era.You’ll love it! The show begins at 6 p.m. so go early so you can get a parking space. With the wonderful concerts by the Lake you’ll love minute. On Thursday, July 27 at 6 p.m. Attendees will thoroughly enjoy Nancy Walker who sings Patsy Walker music and it truly is fabulous. If Patsy Cline was still alive I know she would think she was hearing herself sing those great songs. She’d thoroughly enjoy every second of this great concert. Ticketts for these concerts arr only $20 for adults and when accompanied by an adult, students from Kindergrten to 12-yearslld are free with an adult.Trust me, the kids will love the great music and the venue, right on the shore of Lake Arrowhead, can’t be any better. Come and enjoy these concerts….you’ll have a ball. The ending concert sponsored by the association will be the Fall Music Festival at the magnificent Our Lady of the lake Catholic CChurh. This fall event begin at 3 p.m. and the always-wonderful Riverside County Philharmoic will fill the church to the rafters. If you love magnificent music don’t miss this event. In addition to the Riverside Philharmonic the Arrowhead Arts Young Artists’ will Ensemble will lead off the program. You will be amazed at the young singers in thi s Arrowhead Arts-supported group of talented musicians. Preferrd seating is $40, general admission is $25 and students Kindergarten through 12th graddse are free with an adult. Don’t miss this wonderful, uplifting concert and be sure to attend the concerts by the lake. Remember to tak a sweater. You’ll love these concerts! Aren’t we lucky to have an organization that is so devoted to bringing beautiful music to our communities!


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