Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley…..and that trolley is right here in the Rim of the World communities.
Mountain Transit began the service on Friday, May 19 and business is booming. This delightful “old-time” bright red trolley takes passengers from Lake Gregory to Lake Arrowhead and it will be running all summer long. The route will include Toptown in Crestline, Blue Jay, Lake Gregory, Twin Peaks, Tudorville SkyPark and Lake Arrowhead Village. On weekends there are evening hours for those who might be attending an evening event or for those who just want to see the sun go down around beautiful beautiful areas of the Rim of the World communities. This big red trolley is a big hit already. For route information call (909)878-4200.
This delightful new addition to the Rim of the World communities is already a big hit so plan to take a ride to your next event because part of that event would be the fun ride in the bright red trolley. I can’t help but think about the fabulous child star, Judy Garland, when she sang the Trolley song in a long ago fabulous MGM film. She would have loved to ride in this new trolley….so “clang, clang, clang!”


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