Upcoming R.S. Farmer’s Market Schedule

Well, the first of this summer’s Running Springs Farmer’s Market was a big success. From now on Saturdays will “have a theme” as well as a variety of fun experiences can be had by all. On May 12 come and enjoy items for Mother’s Day as well as a gardening expo. The farmer’s market is located next to First Mountain Bank and across from the Running Springs library on Whispering Pines.

On May 19 the theme will be a “culinary fanfare.” Doesn’t that sound like fun!!!!!

On May 26 come to the fun for antiques and collectibles will be “featured.”  The very popular Snow Valley ski  promotion will be held on that date..

The following Saturday, June 2, ecology and garden items will be featured. If your old garden needs some sprucing up come on over and see what’s available to help your garden

Are you yearning for a good pet? June 9 will be “animal day” so come on over to the market and fall in love with   one (or more) of the animals who need a good home.

June 16 fathers will take center stage, so to speak. Come on over to the farmer’s market and see what you’d like to give dad on Father’s Day.. Come  and the next Saturday (23) will focus on health and safety.

June 30 will be arts and crafts day and the popular Snow Valley Ski promotion will be available. Come and bring the kids to see all the exciting booths that will focus on arts and crafts. The vendors are so talented and each Saturday it’s great to walk around and admire their work. They truly are incredible! If you’re interested in the always popular Snow Valley ticket promotion it will be available

July 7 will celebrate the 4th of July (just a couple of days late) so come on over and enjoy the fun. NO fireworks are permitted. The July 14 and 21 dates have yet to have a “special event” but with or without a “theme or special event” the market is always interesting and fun.

On July 29 everyone who loves arts and crafts should go to the market because  Arts and Crafts will be the focus and the Snow Valley promotion will be available.

“Mountain Top Days” will be held August 4. This fun event is for everyone, from kids to grandparents to everyone!. Hope to see you all there. There will be more information soon.There are always games for the children and this year free school supplies will be available.

On August 18  culinary fanfare will entice everyone who loves to cook (and, or those who don’t like to cook but are willing to give it a whirl!. (Doesn’t that sound like fun….come to see what it’s all about! You’re sure to find some great bargains and ideas).

The following Saturday, on August 25, the “famous” Snow Valley Ski Lift Ticket promotion will tempt you so come over and see what’s available. On this day Arts and Crafts will be featured.

The month of September is Art and Craft Month! Come on over to the  the farmer’s market and fair an because the fabulous Snow Valley Ski Promotion ski pass will be available along with antiques and collectibles. The Snow Valley promotion will also be available on September 15, 22 and 29. The last of the summer’s market days will be September 29 so make your plans to go to as as many of the fairs as possible to enjoy the ambiance, the vendors, the music and the fun.






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