A Wonderful Local Story From 1991

I’ve been looking through a lot of my old Alpenhorn newspapers and having a wonderful “look back” from so many years as the owner. I recently came upon one that isn’t an “antique” so to speak but it was from the March 7, 1991 issue. One of the most giving person in our Running Springs community, Dixi Willemse, was part of that story. The story I’m looking at for that issue had a lot to say about Girl Scout cookies. “Thanks to the generosity of Riverside and San Bernardino County residents, Americans serving in the Persian Gulf will receive a taste of home soon as 108,780 boxes of Girls Scout cookies made their way to the war zone. The San Gorgonio’s Scout Council’s “Troops for Troops” program offered local residents the opportunity to buy Girls Scout cookies to send to military personnel stationed in the Middle East. Girls began selling cooking on January 25, 1991 and they continued through February 9 when the program ended. The cookies were to be shipped to the Middle East and it was coordinated by the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia. In August and September many people inquired about the cookies and how to ship them. March Air Force Base was originally approached about the possibility of transporting the cookies to the Middle East, but because of the success of the “Troops for Troops” program and the large quantities of cookies that were sold, the Defense Logistics Agency stepped in to honor the delivery commitment. Needless to say in August and September when the troops were first being moved into Saudi Arabia they received many inquiries about Girl Scout Cookies., especially the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies.Between the help of many people our troops got to munch away on those delicious cooking that people all around the country just can’t get enough of………Thanks to all and to anyone, including “our” Dixi who has given so much of her life to so many people throughout the years. If a diamond is a gem, it can’t be better than Dixie and others who care so much about our troops and our world..

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