A Little Bit About Me!

Hello, everyone out there in cyberland. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. If you already know or don’t want to know, just ignore this.

I was raised in Los Angeles and in elementary school I was dancing and writing plays about historical characters like Thomas Jefferson, Davy Crockett and George Washington. Of course, I had to actually produce, direct and star in these classroom productions. (I was on my way to Hollywood already…….Sigh! )By the time I was in high school my best classes were English and History. I could write but don’t ask me to count past my 10 fingers.

When I went to Lockwood Elementary School for summer school one year, I was the editor of the one-page, mimeographed “newspaper.” I remember writing a story about an egg but that’s about all.

I always thought I’d go into teaching. My father was a teacher for 40 years, 39 at the same junior high school. However, I got into college, got my A.A. degree, fell in love, quit college and became a preschool teacher. I married my longtime love, Peter Moseley, when I was 22 and he was 23. We were married 13 years and in that time we moved to Running Springs. Sadly, we ended up separating and divorcing but we remained friends. Our two children, John and Amanda (now Amanda Aberg) atttended Rim Schools. John is married to Tasha, his high school love and Amanda is married to Gary Aberg who she met when he was my husband’s caregiver. My husband was totally paralyzed in a terrible traffic accident in 1993 but it put our lives into perspective and we re-married the following year and it was a wonderful decision for both of us. We had both changed so much and that accident put our lives into perspective. We belonged together. Peter died in 2007.

I started my mountain journalistic career in 1979 when I worked for the long-defunct Timberline Journal. I then worked several years for the Hilltop Messenger in Running Springs. It, too, stopped publishing long ago but I’m sure it had nothing to do with me.

I started my own newspaper in Running Springs in 1985 and the first edition came out on March 28. I owned it and ran it for 12 1/2 years. At first we called it The Mountaineer but then changed its name the following year to The Alpenhorn. I ran it in Running Springs and it is a very different newspaper today than it was when I owned it.In the interim years Peter and I had remarried and due to his paralysis I sold the paper in 1997 and we moved off the mountain to lovely Newport Beach because it was simply too hard to operate my own business, tend to him and drive back and forth to the hospital so much.

We moved to East Highland from our little enclave in Newport Beach in August 1999 so we could be closer to the mountains we both loved. I took a job at the Mtn. News where I worked until this past spring. I loved what I did and loved the people I worked for but it was time for me to move on.

I am enjoying the freedom of this blog to write like I do and cover what I do and I know that at this stage of my life this is absolutely where I belong. I send huge “thank you’s” to those of you who have loved, supported and encouraged me all these 30 plus years I have spent reporting mountain news.

I have loved my long writing career and I just know that Thomas Jefferson, Davy Crockett and George Washington will be so proud.

Please feel free to contact me with news, the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you. My e-mail address is: joanmoseley@verizon.net.


43 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me!

  1. Hi Joan. BIG CONGRATULATIONS on starting this Blog. I’m sure lots of the mountain residents will become avid readers. Be sure you write about it on ROTW.net so people know where to go. My hat’s off to you. Reinventing one’s Self after so many years takes great courage.

    Pat Matson

  2. Bonnie Rieger

    Love to pop in and see all the happenings that are going on in the mountain communities. You bring that something special to everything you write…it’s your passion. Keep going girl

  3. Bonnie Rieger

    I’m impressed by the amount of news and happenings that you continue to cover each week. With all your years of experience and knowledge of “all things mountain.” you are truly an asset and bring a voice to the people. Thanks for your service.

  4. Bonnie Rieger

    Enjoyed your recent article called “The Mentor.” What a privilege for those who have had the opportunity to come to know such a knowledgeable generous man. His passion to share and teach those who are hungry for information regarding the more technical part of the film industry was inspiring. Goes to show that it’s not necessarily the credentials hanging on the wall that makes a good teacher, but the love of the subject!

  5. Great Job this is fun to read, lots of good stuff! Thanks for taking the time to feature so many interesting mountain events and people. Look forward to reading more!

  6. Dayna

    This is exactly what you should be doing; what you love and what you’re so good at doing…writing! You are fortunate enough to have found your passion. I am so very proud of you. Love, Dayna

  7. Bonnie Rieger

    Just read “The Dancer”. Tears filled my eyes & chills ran up my spine as I felt your emotions. Absolutely beautiful…more, more, more!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie. We had quite a life, filled with happiness and also great sorrow and frustration but we had a life together. It was, in many ways, the hardest thing, but it was also fun, happy, exhausting, interesting, satisfying and joyful. Who would have guessed that he and I would have had “two lives together” as a married couple? It was quite extraordinary. When we married again he came “home” to our house in Running Springs which he had left 13 years before when we divorced. It was quite amazing. He was in our son John’s wedding and went with John when he was being fitted for his tux and he gave his daughter away, with John pushing him in his wheelchair, down the aisle at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. He was so thrilled when John and Tasha were married. Their reception was at our family beach house and it was incredibly special.
      Aren’t he and I lucky to have found our love again and to share that with our children and the grandchildren that arrived. We were all blessed.

  8. Hi Joan….I’m a newcomer to the mountains as far as calling it my home, but have been evading the stress from below for the calmer ways of the mountains for all my life. Love it here, and very happy to have come across your blog. Keep up the good work.

  9. Bonnie Rieger

    Joan, how sweet of you to write about our 50th. Wedding Anniversary. Yes it was a big deal, after all…50 years! Good thing we were babies when we married. Sorry you couldn’t attend, you were missed. Want you to know that the next 50 will have to be easier, we’re getting too old. Loved your article about Children’s Forest, sure brought back lot’s of memories. Now I need to drive up there, want to join me? Hugs to you, Bonnie

  10. Jackie Jacques

    Hi Joan,
    My name is Jackie and I love your site and your articles. The reason I’m writing is to tell you that you were in my living room a little while ago. hahaha. You were on channel 5 news, your a star!

    Keep up the good blog.

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I love my blog too and am so happy (albeit busy) doing this. I’ve been reporting on mountain life for, oh my gosh, over 30 years now. It’s definitely in my blood. The Old Fire trial first day was quite interesting and I’ll be getting my post onto my blog soon.

      I’ll have to check Channel 5 at their 11 p.m. “show.” Thanks for letting me know. Also, please feel free to make suggestions for stories, etc. Aren’t I lucky to love what I do and have done for soooooooo long?!

  11. Rick Kitselman

    Hi again Joan,

    I read more of your blog since sending an email. When I lived in Running Springs in the 50’s there were only three or four hundred year-round residents if that many. I belonged to the Luring Pines mountain club, Thats were I spent my summers (in that big pool)

    Rick Kitselman

    1. My family moved up there in the 1970s and it was a wonderful community. it still is, of course, but we all miss the big swimming pool we had back then. The mountain population has really grown through the decades and many of those have been fulltime residents. However, the economy is taking its toll and the school district has been in declining enrollment for many years. Keep your fingers crossed that it improves for everyone in the country. We need it. Send me more memories of your mountain life when you have time. I love it!

  12. El Rita Chase

    Hi Joan,
    Thanks for the beautiful “Remembering Dr. Richard Chase With Love” message. Our memories become treasures when we lose the one we love. I have wonderful memories of the time we spent with you and your family. I remember when you came & took pictures of Dick when we opened our first office in Arrowbear across from Deer Lick Lumber.
    Dr Roma Nall will be hosting a memorial open house at the Running Springs office on Sept 23, 2012 from 2 till 4.
    Thanks for sharing your writing talents with us & keeping us up to date on what is happening on this beautiful mountain.

  13. Pepper Puckett

    Hello Joan… What a PLEASANT thrill it is to see your name! Actually, I saw you on a news report..probably, ABC… How are you?! I can hardly imagine you without my Carol working beside you. How I miss Lloyds. Lloyds from 1977. Do you know anything of the family? JoAnn? Kelly? Kevin? Smiling with a sigh. Blessings darling. I don’t know if I’ll ever find my way back here… May I leave you my E-Mail address? pepperpuckett@aol.com. I would LOVE to hear fromyou!

    1. Hi, Pepper. How great to hear from you. I was interviewed on the first day of the “Old Fire” trial. It was really quite funny because there were so many reporters around, all asking questions at the same time, that I had no idea what I really said. I had to ask a couple of my friends who saw me on TV exactly what I said. It struck me very funny. The jury is still deciding his fate. They have found him guilty of starting the 2003 trial and they found him guilty for the responsibility of the death of 5 people who had heart attacks and died from the stress. The jury is weighing whether they should give him the death penalty or give him life in jail.

  14. i12bphil

    Hi Joan! this is Rachel Milam (now Hofman). I recently googled the Rim High football team winning the CIFSS championship and found the most recent article in the Alpenhorn. It got me reminiscing of my Running Springs days and you are very much a part of that memory. Just wanted to drop a note to say hi and I really enjoy your writings. I’m glad to see your smiling face!! Take care, Rachel Milam Hofman

    1. Hi, Rachel. Thank you for your comments. I now have my own news blog, entitled Joan Moseley’s Mountain Top Echoes. I have had it about a year now and I love it. I sold The Alpenhorn many years ago after I remarried my husband. He had been paralyzed in a terrible accident but life is so strange and totally unpredictable. That horrific accident culminated in our getting married again and we had a difficult, wonderful, hard, rewarding life together until he died a few years ago. Look up my blog if you like….I am enjoying it so much. I have so much history in R.S. (and lots of great background from years and years ago). Anyway, it’s good to hear from you. Isn’t it great about the football team? Way to go, Scots! Please feel free to stay in touch.

  15. Debbie Quinones

    Hi Joan…It was great to spend time with you yesterday. Your blog is wonderful!!! You have such a personal touch to your articles. I look forward to those “snow days” :o) Take care, (((Hugs))) Debbie

  16. Judy McCarty

    Hi Joan. I just wanted to give you a heart felt thank you for posting the blog about my father, Tommy Miller.
    It was wonderful and our family really appreciates it. Thanks again! Judy McCarty

    1. Hugh A. Bialecki, DMD

      Hi Joan, Thanks for coming out on a very chilly Saturday morning on the shore of the Lake Arrowhead Resort beach to join our jumping good time ! Our Bialecki Clan and friends came together for the ROW Rec & Park District benefit.

  17. M

    I have information on the local Smart Start teen driving program at the CHP office that I would like to send you, but the e-mail address, posted above, is not working. Could you please contact me? Thank you, Michelle Basham

    1. I’m trying to return a comment to the person who sent this but can’t seem to make it go through. I’m about done! I recently changed from Verizon to Charter last October when I moved. Right now I’m tired and don’t know how to return a message to her when it won’t go anywhere.



  18. Betty Dargitz

    Just discovered your site. Im glad for your success and wish you all the best. What memories, good and not so… of 35 yrs on the mtn. The daffodils bloomed again this year on the lot. Thanks for all the support of kids and grandkids thru the years.

    1. Hi, Kathy. My e-mail is: joanmoseley@charter.net. I kept it simple. I have a lot of old issues of my newspaper and some of Steve’s fabulous stories are in some of them. I am in R.S. and am going through so many old papers (and newspapers). I was blessed to know Steve and further blessed by his magnificent writing that graced my paper for so long. It absolutely broke my heart when he died. I know he loved climbing and I know he knew the risk but to this day I miss him.
      Thank you for your e-mail. Please feel free to contact me anytime. My phone is (909) 939-0563. I’m in R.S. which, gratefully, is where I belong. I love “my” mountains.
      How wonderful to hear from you,

  19. Jim Manning

    Hi Joan, I was cruising the Internet and guess what? I came face to face with Hilltop Messenger–AKA my favored person and owner of The Alpenhorn. Golly, gee–lucky me. Then read some blogs, one about my 80th birthday at Children’s Forest. My Wife, Jackie and I are still treking.

    So Joan, “Keep a sharp pencil and carry a big stick.
    jim manning

  20. Michael & Mikal Miller

    Joan – It was so nice to meet you today at Jensens. We love your blog and will be looking at it daily!

    Michael & Mikal Miller

  21. Kazooman

    “Save Our Toilets” was the rally cry of days gone by. I often wondered why? No one ever used them anyway during the Mountain Top Days (daze?) that featured the mud races….. when we were young. xoxoxox Mr. Kazoo

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