Always Exciting Rotary Art and Wine Festival June 24 and 25 in Lake Rotary Art and Wine Festival Set for June 24 and 25

If you’ve never been to the Arrowhead Rotary Art and Wine Festival make this year the year you enjoy this fun event on the shore of the Tavern Bay  Beach in Lake Arrowhead .   This event, scheduled for June 24 and 25 at the lovely Tavern Bay Beach Club, always brings out lots and lots and lots of full time residents, part-time residents  and people who just want to enjoy the atmosphere and fun right by the gorgeous lake. There will be many colorful tents with fabulous and/or fun  and exciting works by over 60 artists. This festival is a treasure-trove of interesting and/or fabulous paintings, photographs, glass art and many other artistic wares. The food booths are always filled with delicious goodies so be sure and stop by and enjoy the festival food. The charge is only $10 per person and that fee includes one of their sought- after souvenir wine glasses.

Local Rotary members do so much for our local mountain communities as well as their international programs so come on out and enjoy this fun event…who knows…you might find just the right gift for someone you love and that includes you. Because this event is really popular you might take the free boat ride on the shuttle from the village to Tavern Bay. Taking the shuttle is not only fun it gives you a fabulous look at beautiful Arrowhead.

Each year this event just seems to get better and better. It really is a treasure trove of fabulous goodies and I promise you that if you go you’ll be amazed and you’ll enjoy wandering through this festive event .  For more information log This event is always so much fun and between all the colorful booths, the great music and the beautiful atmosphere you’ll love it….trust me!

A Hilarious Pete Shaw Classic from 1990!

When I started and owned The Alpenhorn newspaper so many years ago my wonderful and creative friend, Pete Shaw wrote a column for me each week. Sometimes his stories would be sentimental and beautiful and other times it would be something silly or hilarious or very sentimental. After all these years I still have a lot of my old newspapers and hidden in some of them are his weekly columns. I am hoping to post many of them on this blog so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

“I guess I’m confused about fashion. I was watching the CNN channel the other day and they were covering a fashion show from Paris. I was about to flip past the channel the other day and they were covering a fashion show from Paris. I was about to flip past the channel when a group of models came down the runway (I guess that’s what you call it) dressed in jackets that had shoulder pads wider than most NFL linebackers usesse. Their hats looked like they had raided the costume department of robo-Cop and they were wearing metallic slacks.

I suppose that beneath the costumes were beautiful international models but someone had done a good job of disguising them.

They looked like they had walked down a ramp from the cosmic saucer that had just arrived from Nirvanland in the Freaknoid galaxy. Can you imagine knocking at the door to meet a blind date and have her appear in those duds? “Hi, I’m Art, Fred’s friend. Very nice to meet you.” “I cannot shake your hand. it could result in a severe electrical shock.”

“Oh, sorry. Well, are you ready?”

“I must polish and buff my slacks, change the batteries in my hat and inflate my shoulder pads.”

“Oh well, don’t dress up too much. I was thinking we’d just go grab a taco and….”I’ve already eaten. I just finished a tin foil salad.”

“Ooookay…well…..(I’m gonna kill Fred!)”

“What did you say?” Oh, I said we can go somewhere else instead.”

Who designs this stuff anyway? I understand many high fashion designers are men. did they have bad relationships with mothers, aunts and kindergarten teachers? Are they “getting even” or what? I’m sure I’ve offended some people with my comments but I guess I’m just confused.

Speaking of fashion, I went down to buy some shorts the other day and they were on sale because all the cloths for the fall were soon coming out. Summer vacation hasn’t even started yet.

I swear, these fashion people can’t even get the seasons right.

I know what it is, they hate Mother nature, too!






When John Denver and Alabama Sang at Snow Valley

For those of us who were lucky enough to see (and hear) John Denver at Snow Valley it was an event that we will never forget. Thank goodness I have found the story I wrote about that fabulous event when I owned The Alpenhorn newspaper. The wonderful singer kept everyone thrilled to see (and hear) him in an outdoor venue…on the slopes of Snow Valley ski resort. The concert was on July 13, 1990 and those of us who took blankets or low-seats (along with warm jackets) were so lucky to be at the breathtaking concert. Weren’t we lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!A few weeks later the  and much-loved top country group, Alabama, had everyone tapping their toes and clapping or dancing to the fabulous sounds of the exciting country group. Again, the slopes at Snow Valley were filled to the gunnels with excited concert-goers. The two concerts couldn’t have been more different. When John Denver performed you could have heard a pin drop even though there were hundreds of people on the slopes. People came to listen to him, his lyrics and his incredible voice. It was a night that everyone would remember and throughout his performance you could hear people yell out “Farrrrr Out” which was one of his signature sayings. It was truly magic. Tickets were only $22 (including parking) so hundreds of people attended . It  was a magical night and that’s no stretch .

The next performance of the season was a fabulous, fun, colorful, fun concert by the adored country-western group, Alabama. What a fabulous time that was and I know that lucky guests so many years ago remember both of these first-rate concerts. The concerts were so different. For the “Alabama”concert people were clapping their hands and singing along with the great songs. When John Denver performed you could have heard a pin drop. People came to hear him and they sat quietly, bundled up in the brisk, lovely evening.

At this time both of the concerts were made available by the Lake Arrowhead Summer Music Festival. The performances began in 1989 and ended a few years later. It was a glorious time for those of us who were lucky enough to catch the terrific concerts. I know I’m not the only person who would love to see the concerts start up again but it’s not likely to happen so those of us who were there will always have great memories.



Remembering Mike Newfeld

This is a very late blog post on the death of longtime mountain reporter, Mike Neufeld. His service, held in the beautiful San Moritz Lodge on Sunday, February 12, and I can’t help but think that Mike, a longtime mountain reporter, would have been smiling a lot at the number of people who showed up to remember him.

I don’t believe that in all my days I have ever seen such a “turnout” for a funeral service. Throughout the years Mike was a mountain reporter and he had the knack of getting news as soon as possible and as accurately as possible. He was so well thought of which showed because so many family and friends and attended . Those who attended the service comprised of a “who’s who of the mountains” as well as many family and out-of-town friends.

Mike was an amazing man in many ways and I know that he left big footprints on everyone who attended.

I like to think that wherever he is he’s busy giving lessons on how to be a good reporter to whoever will listen.




Snow Valley’s Last Day April 9

Skiers and snowboarders have just a few days to enjoy fabulous spring skiing at Snow Valley Mountain Resort. The last day of this season will be April 9 so grab our skis or your”board” and drive up to the fabulous ski resort and enjoy one last day on the snow. It’ll be a long time before next years snow hit the ground so take advantage of the fabulous upper slopes before the end of this year’s season.

For decades Snow Valley has been one of southern California’s destinations for great skiing and snowboarding so take advantage of the last few days before they close for another year.

You know the old saying, “Be there or be square” well, the saying is “be there or miss out!”



Hello everyone. Just like Arnold in the Terminator when he said “I’ll be back”…I’m back too after having some really confusing electronic issues. I’m not electronic-minded and it makes for some really difficult circumstances. Thank you for your patience while I’ve been learning about this new computer and dealing with some difficult (and painful) sciatica problems. Anyway, thank you to my daughter Amanda Aberg for her computer help.