Hello Everyone!!!!

Hello everyone….I’m back at my computer. I wish I was far more electronically handy because it would be such a great help if I was. It would certainly make my life far easier but I grew up far ago when everything was typed on a typewriter. I used to fly across that typewriter so fast but the electronic age I find very confusing sometimes and I know I’m not alone in that in our big wild earth.

That being said we had a very good Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce meeting last night and there were a lot of people who attended and we had some great discussions on how we should spend the money that is given to us by the county. This hat we used to call that money as “bed taxes and that money came from people who come to our areas and spent the night and enjoy our local mountains. While this was quite a long meeting it was also quite interesting because there were a lot of ideas that came up as to how we (as he chamber) should spend the money that comes from the county. I’ll keep all of you in the “loop” on this issue. By the way “thanks for your patience for skipping a meeting a while ago. The one last night was really a great meeting with a lot of ideas.

Hello! I’m Back!Thanks!

It Jo’s good to be back at my computer again. I’ve had some time off which I have needed but I’m so glad to be back. I hope all is well with all of you. I’ve a few difficult times with this body of mine which has kept me going for so many years. I’m glad to be back from my “retreat!” Hope all is well with all of you. Thanks for your understanding and your help!

Annual Trick or Treat in Running Springs on October 31 From 3-5 p.m.

Well, it’s here again……..it’s time for the Running Springs Chamber Sponsored Trick or Treat Fun in Running Springs. Thanks to our great merchants and organization in Arrowbear Lake and Running Springs local children will have another great Trick or Treating event from 3 to 5 p.m. on Halloween (October 31). It’s so wonderful that we have so many wonderful merchants in our local communities. (My guess is that they can remember trick or treating themselves when they were children and want to help our local children have a great Halloween. The Running Springs Chamber of Commerce booth will be located on the highway (at the Cut Above salon). For more information call The Cut Above Salon at (951) 318-5011. See you at all the annual Running Springs Chamber Trick or Treat fun event. See you there. Have a great Halloween (no matter your age). In fact, play along with the fun and wear a costume or paint your face. See you there!!!!

R.S. Chamber and Pali Mountain Retreat Equals Fabulous Event on Oct. 25

Wow! What a great event those of us who were there at Pali Mountain Retreat and Conference Center on Friday, October 25. It was terrific and everyone who was there (and there were a lot of people there) had a great time. In many ways it was fabulous and for those of us who have lived in our mountains for so many years it was good to see that the legendary first owners who started Camp O wongo many years ago would have been so proud. It was a wonderful event with lots of people and great food and lots of comradrie and laughter. Thank you Pali Mountain Retreat for a wonderful evening. It was lovely all the way around and I’m sure that the previous longtime owners of the property, the Prestion’s. were smiling away wherever they are! Thank you to the Pali Retreat for such a lovely event.

Annual Veterans Day Ceremony on Nov. 11 in Running Springs

Continuing with a ceremony on Veterans Day everyone is asked to take a half-hour or so to thank our veterans. Please plan to bring your children so they can have a better idea on why this national ceremony is done throughout our country. This annual event will be held at the monument site/flag pole in “downtown Running Springs” at 11 a.m. Please take a little bit of your time and come to this event at the flagpole by Hwy. 18. This annual event has been held for many years so please take a little bit of your time and come and thank our veterans. We owe them everything! This event started after the Vietnam Way when I was so disgusted that our troops were being spit on or something as awful when they came home. I was so disgusted that they were being so malined that I started this ceremony to give thanks to all our veterans and I am grateful for those who come. Everyone is invited. Come and thank the “best of the best”…..our veterans. See you there, I hope!

Rim of the World Recreation Rim recreation District Hosting “Halloween In The Park” Fun on Oct. 30

Well, before you know it’s going to be Halloween and this year there will be a safe area for all the fun.

This year the Rim Recreation District will be hosting fun in the Lake Gregory Education and Community Center on October 30 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. This fun event will be great fun for the children and it will include candy for the children. What a fun (and safe) way to celebrate this always exciting event for the kids and their parents. The, site is at 24740 San Moritz Way in Crestline. Spread the word that the recreation district is hosting this upcoming fun event. Be sure to take your camera so you can take some great photos of all the fun! See you there!

Annual Veterans Day Ceremony in Running Springs on November 11 at 11 a.m.

Our annual Veterans Day ceremony will be held at 1 a.m. on Veterans Day in November. This is our annual event to thank all our veterans for all they do for all of us in America. While this event isn’t very long it has been a longtime event that is hosted by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. As the person who started this event so many many decades ago it is always a gracious “thank you” to our veterans. Please plan to attend at the Monument Site at the flagpole in downtown Running Springs at 11 a.m. Give our veterans a huge “thank you” because we can never thank them enough. I started this event so many years ago when our veterans from another war (that we did not win) and many of our vets came home to people spitting on them, telling them terrible things and hating them so I started this annual event to make sure our veterans know how much we respect and thank them. If you’re in or nearly in Running Springs please attend and take a few minutes to give them the “thank yous” they so deserve. Children of all ages are welcome so bring the children and help them learn about our veterans and what they’ve done for all of us!

See you there!