The Easter Bunny Will Be Hop, Hop, Hoping into Running Springs

The annual Running Springs Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 11 a.m. (promptly) on April 20 at the area next to First Foundation Bank in Running Springs. The bunny is scheduled to arrive at 10:30 a.m. so if you want to take some photos be sure to take your camera as well as an Easter Basket to make it more festive. With the snow we’ve had you might want to make sure that you take your boots. (because the “bunny area” may still be muddy. This longtime event is sponsored by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce/ This special annual event is free and it’s always fun to watch the children scamper around looking or Easter eggs.In addition to the egg hunt there will be drawings for prizes that are donated by The Cut Above, Pali Retreats, Snow Valley and the Golden Oaks so for some really great Easter fun “hop” on over to the fun area next to First Foundation Bank in “downtown” Running Springs. You might want to take a jacket or warm sweater in case the weather is chilly.

Happy Birthdays To………..

Happy birthday to some wonderful friends who celebrate on March 31 (today, I do believe…………)

I hope wonderful vicki Vance, Sunny Meza and Taber Downey all had a great time celebrating their birthdays today (March 31). What a great, beautiful day in the mountains to enjoy your birthdays (even if you went elsewhere to celebrate but returned tome to your abode)s. Happy birthdays to all three of you!

Joan Moseley

Rim Nordic Open Through March 17 for Snow Shooing Only!

Well, this has been a difficult year for Rim Nordic due to little “real” snow this year in the San Bernardino mountains. The local (and great) cross-country ski area will be shutting their “doors” so to speak after March 17 so if you want to get the last of this year’s snowshoeing grab your snow shoes because the site will be open for snow shooing so grab your shoes and head to Rim Nordic (directly across from Snow Valley Mountain Resort on Hwy. 18) to enjoy the last day of this year’s snow shooing. The hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rentals are available for snow shooing.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Pete Shaw

Happy, happy, happy St. Patrick’s Day to my friend Pete Shaw who, of course, is about as wonderfully Irish as can ever be.Faith ‘n begorra I hope Pete is having a delightful “green” day” to celebrate this great day for the Irish and those who love the Irish. While Pete was a teacher (first) then a principal (and then superintendent) he wrote such beautiful (and often hilarious) stories for m newspaper, The Alpenhorn. I never knew what he was going to write but each week he’d send me a wonderful story and many of them revolved around his Irish linage. I was so lucky to have him as a friend. I haven’t seen him in ages but I still remember all the fabulous stories he wrote for me all those wonderful years.He was a marvelous writer and I hope he is still writing in some way. I hope he has a fabulous St. Paddy’s day he deserves it!