Sunday: August 23: Summit Fire Burning in Big Bear

Thank you to Laura Dyberg, head of the  Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council,  for her information on the Summit Fire which is burning in U.S. Forest Service property south of Big Bear Lake. The fire was reported at 12;25 and it has burned approximately 10 acres. The fire is burning with moderate spread into heavy fuels (large trees, ect.). There are mandatory evacuations for the area from Knickerbocker Road east to Georgia Road and south to Pennsylvania Road.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and it was reported at 12;25 p.m. The fire is burning south of the Snow Summit Ski Resort and it has burned, to this early update, from 20 to 25 acres in brush and timber.

Update: Fire units on scene or those who are supplying help in some way include Cal Fire, Big Bear Fire Department, Running Springs Fire Department, Arrowbear Lake Fire Department and assistance from the California Highway Patrol and the San Bernardino Fire Department.


Arrowbear Residents: Water Conservation Measures!

NewspaperThe Arrowbear Water District board of directors recently approved water conservation measures in the community and with the ongoing drought all mountain residents should be cutting back on their water usage.

Arrowbear residents can now water landscaping on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. They cannot water landscaping and turf on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Property owners and renters cannot water plants and other foliage to the point where the water runs off the areas being watered, and certainly not into the streets.

Residents cannot wash sidewalks, patios, driveways, parking areas, porches, decks and verandas. The precious water resources, during the state drought, cannot be spent on areas just to make sure it looks “nice and clean.” Residents can water their landscaping and turf on Wednesday and Saturday as long as the water does not run off. If residents have a vegetable garden it is important that it is done sparingly. Consider planting a few drought-tolerant plants at your home, especially if they are drought tolerant and/or native plants found in the homeowners area.

Homeowners and renters can sparingly hand water individual plants by using a bucket or watering pail throughout the week as long as it doesn’t run off. If you’re thinking of washing your car do it by hand using a bucket with a brief rinse with a hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle.

Water should be used sparingly for construction maintenance purposes such as soil compaction, pressure washing prior to painting and mixing concrete as well as other necessary procedures.

Residents need to monitor their homes to make sure there are no leaking toilets, pipes or other water fixtures that could result in the loss of hundreds, or thousands, of water that would be wasted. Be sure to monitor pipes and make repairs as quickly as possible when you discover them so the least amount of water escapes.

Remember: Homeowners are responsible for the water use at their residence. If people have tenants they need to remind them of the water conservation measures underway so they can also help the environment and so they can comply with the current conservation policies.

Should you want to look it up the complete water conservation policy (#34020) is available on the district’s website at: Customers may also call the district office at (909) 867-2704 for more information.

It is extremely important that all residents, full-time, or part-time. help to keep their water usage to within the bounds of what the Arrowbear Water District allows during this dry season.







Annual Arrowbear Fishing Derby This Saturday, April 25

boy-go-fishing-free-clipartOkay, children grab your fishing poles and head to the Steve Cannata Fishing Derby on Saturday, April 25 in Arrowbear Lake (well, you won’t be IN the lake but on the shore of the lake!).

The fun will be held from 8 a.m. to  1 p.m. and it is open to boys and girls from three to 15-years-old.

All the children will get a free hot dog and drink and there will  be trophies for the children who catch the largest fish in each of the age categories.

Come and have fun and bring a folding chair so you can sit by the lake and enjoy the children who are enjoying this annual event.

The Arrowbear Lake Lions Club members have sponsored this fishing derby for years and it just seems to get better and better. This year the name was changed to  honor the wonderful, late Steve Cannata who dedicated so much of his life to this organization but tragically died last year. Upon his death his Lions Club friends decided that in his honor this local event would carry his name each year.

Come and enjoy. Sit by the lake (and yes, there’s still water in it) and enjoy. Like I said, bring a folding chair and plan on an enjoyable hour or two (or more, if you want!)

Tom Sawyer and his friends would have loved this event! It would have been right  up their alley!

It’s Spring and Keller Peak Road is Open! Tra-la!

silhouette, girl dancingTra-la, Tree-lee, for those of you who love walking or driving up Keller Peak Road (by the local ranger station on Hwy. 18 in Arrowbear) you will be happy to hear that the Keller Peak Road is open. The road is now accessible to hikers and those (like me) who love driving up the beautiful, windy road in the local mountains.

The entry to this beautiful, windy drive is next to the Ranger Station on Hwy. 18 near the community of Arrowbear Lake (near the Valero gas station). I drove up it again today and even though I have driven that road over and over again it always refreshes my spirit and my brain.

Small ares of white snow still cling to the top portions of the mountain areas, especially the areas that are near to the lookout tower.

As I drove the road I came upon a couple of other drivers and we waved as we passed one another. This drive is calming and magnificent with the enormous outpouring of boulders that are often stacked one atop the other. It’s  a beautiful area and I saw several people hiking up or down the windy road. The trees are filled with long dangling sugar pine cones that weigh the branches down.

When I want to go for a quiet, uplifting drive without going too far I have always loved the drive up this beautiful road. You are apt to see an occasional vehicle or people walking up or down the road and it’s so nice to see them as everyone waves or acknowledges on another in some way. As I drive by the spot where my children, John and Amanda, pranced through the creek as young children I always smile as it was such a long time ago. Today, there’s no water in the creek but my memories of watching them splash around (and their dad and I joined them) it always brings back lovely sentimental memories.

If you enjoy going  for a walk (or hike, really) or if you love to drive through the beautiful mountain areas that are quiet and peaceful, take a drive up Keller Peak Road. You will return feeling refreshed  and ready to take on the world….well, almost anyway!



Rim of the World Recreation and Park District’s “Recreation Days” at Local Fields

Get off the floor, Charlie Brown. We don't want to miss the Park and Recreation Days fun!Park and Recreation Days in the mountains are just around the corner. The fun will be held at Tucker Field at Arrowbear Park  in Arrowbear and at the Twin Peaks Rotary Centennial Park and Harich Field in Twin Peaks. Both events will be held Saturday, April 18 at 1 p.m.

Come enjoy free hot dogs, relay races and a variety of fun games and prizes. This great day will also include fire truck tours (something all children love) and lots of games.

Sponsored by the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District these events, at both fields, will be filled with happy children and their families so come and enjoy.

By the way, Lucy is telling Charlie Brown to get up and get going so they don’t miss all the fun!  You won’t want to miss all the fun either!



Celebrate Park and Recreation Days in the Mountains

Captain Hook won't be happy if you miss the fun, Halloween-theme wine tasting in the "pirate ship" wine cellar.
Don’t let Captain Hook scare you and your children away from the upcoming Park and Recreation Days at Twin Peaks and Tucker Field in Arrowbear. He’s about to fall overboard so he won’t be there!

Those of us who are old enough to remember when there was no recreation and park district in our local communities probably appreciate it more than those who moved to “our” beautiful mountains after the local agency was formed. Before the district, there were a couple of fields but they certainly aren’t the fields we have today. There were no organized sports programs (except those through the schools). Today there are fields in Crestline, Running Springs, Arrowbear and Twin Peaks.

Along came the chance to form the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District and the rest, as they say, is history……………and it is!

To celebrate Park and Recreation Days everyone is invited to go to Arrowbear Park (AKA Tucker Field) in Arrowbear, the Twin Peaks Rotary Centennial Park and Harich Field in Twin Peaks on Saturday, April 18 to celebrate Park Appreciation Days.
Free hot dogs, relay races, minute to win-it games, prizes, fire truck tours and a lot more fun will be part of this celebration.Both events will be so much fun so come on out, enjoy the day at “our” ballfields at Arrowbear Park (AKA Tucker Field) and at the Twin Peaks ballfield.

Come and have fun and bring the kids. Everyone is welcome to celebrate the fields that have given local children and adults so much pleasure throughout the years!





Belated Birthday Wishes for Two Special Residents

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you-oo, happy birthday to you! Have fun!
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you-oo, happy birthday to you! Have fun!

Happy belated Birthday wishes are sent today to two wonderful local residents. Kevin Somes, great friend, manager of Snow Valley, husband, father of two, longtime Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce president and all-around wonderful person celebrated his birthday on January 27.

Also, wonderful belated birthday wishes to friend, longtime local resident, talented, loving, generous, brave  friend to so many, Pam Cannata who also celebrated on the 27th.. I hope each of them had a great day celebrating “them” because their friends also celebrated their lives.

There must have been something great in the water on that date to end up with two such terrific people and I hope they each enjoyed their “big day.” Birthdays are special to everyone and these two special friends deserve nothing but the best life possible!