Important Communities Preparedness Open House Sept. 22 in Lake Arrowhead! GO!!!!!!

NewspaperMountain residents… you know which emergency preparedness and other important services are available in the San Bernardino Mountain communities? If not, you need to be at the annual Mountain Communities emergency Preparedness Open House and Town Hall Forum that is set for September 22. This important event can provide invaluable help to all mountain area residents. This important event will be held  from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. Even if you attended this important community event last year you need to go again to get updates and new information that could help in an emergency situation.

Among the events there will be presentations by the National Weather Service, the U.S. Forest Service and San Bernardino County Public Works. This event is one of those that at least a representative from each family should attend. Learning about how to take care of a family or families during and following a disaster. No one wants to think about what could happen but the reality is that earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters can, and do occur all the time.

This annual event will include information that literally has the possibility of saving lives. The first 150 families who attend will receive a free emergency preparedness kit. Come and meet and talk with over 20 exhibitors and meet and talk with emergency responders and volunteers. This is a “learning event” and it is being offered (once again) in our local Rim of the World communities.

While it’s not easy to do the time to start preparing for a potential disaster is before it happens. Trying to plan for a disaster after it happens doesn’t do much good.

Come! Attend this event! You’ll come away with new ideas to help protect your family, your home and other information that truly can be lifesaving. Remember, what you learned last year may or may not be “up to date” and if you didn’t attend a previous open house you need to attend this upcoming one.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Mother Nature could send out an e-mail to everyone around the world that a disaster is one the way? We would know when it would happen, where it would happen and how it would happen. We would all know what is coming…but that’s not reality. Don’t be caught. Be as prepared for  potential disaster as much as you can be. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have, at least, done what you can do to protect yourself, your family and perhaps your property.

For more information contact the San Bernardino County Fire Office of Emergency Services at (909) 356-3998.


“Breakfast with your Supervisor” June 26 in Lake Arrowhead

Janice Rutherford for SupervisorSupervisor Janice Rutherford will be hosting a “Breakfast with your Supervisor” event at 8 a.m. on Friday, June 26 at Woody’s Boathouse in Lake Arrowhead Village.

These “breakfast” events are a good way to get to know the supervisor a little bit and letting her know about community issues  as well as asking questions and meeting some of her staff.

The charge for breakfast is $13 and it can be paid at the door.

Woody’s Boathouse is located on the waterfront of Lake Arrowhead Village.

See you there!

County Supervisors and CalTrans Prepare for Snow in Mountain Areas

Caltrans logoThe California Department of transportation (Caltrans) district 8 partnered with San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and various agencies this morning to host a press conference to present information to provide safety tips and to prepare motorists for traveling to the mountains during snow events.

“Big Bear Valley is a hot spot for recreational activities. For visitors to enjoy the beauty of the San Bernardino mountains we ask them to please come prepared for the changing weather conditions,” said Board of Supervisors chairman James Ramos. “Not doing so results in unnecessary burdens to first responders and traffic delays for travelers going to the Big Bear valley,” he said.

“This is a good example of local and state agencies working together. We very much appreciate the visitors who come to play in the snow and ski in Wrightwood. But sadly, some folks are trashing the community, parking illegally, trespassing on private property, littering and even going to the bathroom on residents’ property. So we will be beefing up enforcement actions. Visitors are welcome, but those who trash our community are not,” said San Bernardino County vice-chairman Robert Lovingood

San Bernardino County Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford agreed “We welcome visitors to enjoy the snow in our wonderful mountain communities, but they shouldn’t spoil their visit by not being prepared. Bring and use chains, carry extra clothes, food and water; and please respect our forest and those who call it home by picking up your trash and not trespassing on private property.”

The California Highway Patrol, San Bernardino County Sheriff, San Bernardino County Fire, United States Forest Service, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal-Fire) and the San Bernardino Public Works Department joined Caltrans district Director Basem Muallem to encourage safe driving on mountain highways during snow events.

Here are some additional helpful tips offered by officials:

!. Know before you go! Check weather conditions and road closures at: Make sure your car is in good running condition and that you have a full tank of gas before you go to the mountains. Check tire pressure, windshield wipers and vehicle fluids.

2. Have a charged cell phone for emergency use.

3. Be advised that unforseen weather can cause traffic delays and road closures without notice. Have patience, be courteous, reduce your speed and leave more space between vehicles.

4. Do not enjoy snow play in, or next to, roadways, private property or undesignated areas. Bring trash bags to  to stash your trash….never leave it behind!

5. Do not block traffic to install snow chains or play in the snow.

6. Bring Chains! Chains will be required to travel on mountain roads during snow events. Keep chains in your vehicle at all times when you travel to the mountains during winter months….when when chain control is not active. Only chain up your vehicle in designated chain control areas.

7. The mountains can be (and are) a  great place to spend time during winter months for family fun and recreation. Motorists should prepare for unforseen events and changes in weather that can cause immediate road closures or extended periods in your vehicle on the highway. Plan your trip ahead of time, know your destination and pick up maps at Ranger Stations for designated snow play areas.

Winter weekends bring heavy mountain traffic so have patience and follow all traffic laws. Following these simple tips can make the difference between life and death in some situations….and they will definitely add to making your trip a pleasant one!

Follow Caltrans on Twitter at For information on Caltrans projects, visit View traffic conditions at http:/ or view planned lane closures at


15th Lake Gregory Sand Sculpture Competition Aug. 31: Come and Participate or Come and Watch!

Even "Uncle Sam" wants to see you at the 15th Annual Sand Sculpture Competition August 31 at Lake Gregory.
Even “Uncle Sam” wants to see you at the 15th Annual Sand Sculpture Competition August 31 at Lake Gregory.

Who says you have to live at the beach to have a great sand sculpture competition? Well, everybody knows that there’s sand around a lake and one of the greatest local lakes is Lake Gregory in Crestline, California.The community is located in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Come join the fun and use your imagination to take part in the 15th Annual Sand Sculpture Competition.on August 31. Come early so you can grab one of the 25 available sand piles. The exciting sand sculpture competition promises to be great fun as the “artists” create their entry and from what I understand they are quiet incredible. Plan to attend and perhaps you’ll get interested in participating next year. The fun will be held from 10 a.m. to  4 p.m. so there’s plenty of time to enjoy the lake and the community.

There will be several categories so everyone can participate. The categories include: children 12 years old and younger, youth 3 to 17-years-old, adults and families. There will be prizes for the first, second and third place winners in each category.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? What a great way to be creative and I imagine that because this will be the 15th year this fun event will be held it will be great fun so plan to spend the day. Be sure to bring along sunscreen!

To compete in the competition it’s  free but you must pay to “get into” the swim/ lake area and the charge is $6 per person. Children under five-years-old are free. Twenty-five spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis so if you are a competitor you might want to show up early to grab a space and to make sure you can get a parking space close by.  Speaking of parking, the charge to park is $6 per vehicle.

Lake Gregory is one of five San Bernardino County Regional Parks and the site is maintained by the county. Technically the lake is located at 24171 Lake Drive in Crestline but it would be hard to verify that address because it’s a lake and doesn’t speak English. For information call (909) 338-2233.

This fun event should be interesting and exciting (to say the least) whether you’re a participant or someone who just wants to watch all the fun goings’ on.

Come enjoy Lake Gregory



The Grand, Grand Opening of the Lake Gregory Water Park

Crestline Water Park 026Well, the county’s brand new water park at Lake Gregory opened today with, not surprisingly, an enormous crowd which numbered in the hundreds. The weather was hot, the children and adults were having a ball on all the new water slides that the County of San Bernardino Regional Parks Department recently installed. The “kick-off” went really well, with hundreds of people on hand to try out all the fun lake apparatus. The children had a great time and it was fun to watch them more than thoroughly enjoying themselves at this great new venue. While Lake Gregory has been a “staple” of the Crestline community for decades this new water park will be a boon to the local community as well as providing hours of fun for everyone.

While the kids were busy climbing, sliding and enjoying and exploring all the different things to do on  the various apparatus parents kept a close eye on them from the beach. There were a record number of adults on the beach enjoying the day but keeping an eye on their children who were having the time of their lives.

All in all, this was a great opening for the grand opening of this new water slide area. . For more information call (909) 338-2233. The new area is located at 24171 Lake Drive in Crestline in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. Come enjoy the day in the local mountains. It’s like taking a vacation without spending hours driving or spending thousands of dollars (unless you want to, of course!)

Crestline Water Park openingBring the kids and come enjoy the day. They, and you, will have a ball!

Forest Service: Huge Etiwanda Fire Caused by Illegal Campfire

fireAn illegal campfire has been found to have the source of the recent  devastating 2,190 acre Etiwanda Fire.

Once conditions in Day Canyon were deemed safe, investigators hiked into the remote upper portion of the canyon and located evidence of an illegal campfire. Investigators believe the campfire may have been smoldering for a few days until he strong winds blew embers into nearby brush. Wood and charcoal fires are only permitted in designated campgrounds and picnic areas and never are allowed in the general forest area.

Forest and fire officials are asking for the public’s assistance. If you observed any hikers, or people in the area, during the week leading up to the fire, call the WeTip  Hotline at (800) 472-7766 or submit the tip online at:

For more information on the recent Etiwanda Fire visit: or call the record message line at (909) 383-5688 or follow the Forest Service on Twitter at https://twitter.comSanBernardinoNF.

With the summer season approaching forest visits are encouraged to “Know Before You Go” and  call ahead to the local Ranger Station to check on location conditions and restrictions at the following offices: San Bernardino National Forest Supervisor’s office (909) 382-2600, Big Bear Discovery Center (909) 382-2790; Idyllwild Ranger Station (909) 382-2922; Lytle Creek Ranger Station (909) 382-2851; Mill Creek Visitor Center (909) 382-2881 or the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center at (760) 862-9984.

Residents can also help. For more information on how to make your home and community adapted to wildfire, contact your local fire sale council or visit:


County Superintendent of Schools Candidate Ted Alejandre Throws Hat into the Ring!

I rarely do this but I’m coming about as close to endorsing someone as I ever get. I am happy to hear that Ted Alejandre has announced his intention to seek the top spot as a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of Schools.
Current county superintendent Gary Thomas has announced his intention to retire this December.
For many years, Alejandre has been intimately involved in the running of the county’s enormous school system and I have met him, and have personally seen him in action, many times throughout the past several years. I am happy to see this personable, talented man run for the position. He has been endorsed by the San Bernardino County Teachers Association as well as the San Bernardino Public Employees Association, both key endorsements for someone seeking the position.
At county meetings I have seen him give presentations and it is very apparent that he knows of what he speaks. Ever since 2008 he has been involved with, in fact he’s been the head of, the county’s business services division. I have seen him give reports and inner-act with county school board members as well as county schools’ staff and I have always been impressed. One of the things that he brings to the job, should he be elected, is that he was a classified employee, he was a teacher, he was a school site principal and a district office administrator before he joined the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools office. Because he has been intimately involved with so many facets of the overall education program throughout the county he has a lot of experience and knowledge about how “things are run” on a district as well as county level. His experiences enable him to see issues from many different views which is also good because he may have a more balanced view that someone who has only been involved in one level of the educational system.

Alejandre is a 24-year educator and life-long San Bernardino County resident so he knows of what he speaks. His decision to run for this position has brought out many endorsements, not the least of which is from current longtime Superintendent Gary Thomas. I have personally seen him at many county schools meetings throughout the years and his knowledge has not failed to impress me. I don’t say that easily because through my long reporting career I have seen people come and go through the county schools’ office. He always appears to know what he is talking about and he is eager to explain his thoughts so others can understand what he is talking about. Many of the issues involving schools and education are complex but he has a way of explaining them so the lay person can understand. I like that. I can’t help but feel he would make a good county superintendent of schools. He has been endorsed by past county superintendents Herbert Fisher, Barry Pulliam and Charles Terrell as well as the current and former State Superintendents of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and Jack O’Connell. He has also been endorsed by 31 of the county’s 33 school district superintendents which bodes well for his possible election.
In addition to his long career in public instruction, Alejandre has served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force for over 29 years. He and his family live in Yucaipa.
Oh, and by the way, he doesn’t know I’ve written this and my thoughts on his potential election are my own. I write them from my experiences of seeing him in action.
If you have questions or need more information on Alejandre’s platform, experience or other inquiries call (909) 499-5970 or visit:

Ordinarily I do not endorse candidates but I feel his experience is a huge advantage at a time when school funding and other critical issues are so important to the schools, not just on a district level but on a county level as well.