If You Have Any Information on an Accident Please Contact This Person!

If you saw the accident on Wednesday, October 28 at the intersection of Hwy, 173 and Hwy, 189 that occurred at approximately 4:45 p.m. where a Jeep backed out of the parking lot inbetween the Saddleback Inn and Vape Store in Lake Arrowhead and went across three lanes of the intersection please report this. The driver collided with a gold Ford Explorer that belongs to a Running Springs/Arrowbear resident. The driver of the Ford Explorer (who is being sought) is James Taylor and he reportedly told the driver of the Explorer he would pay the damages if she didn’t report the accident to the authorities. The driver of the vehicle was a teenager who graduated (apparently) from Rim High. The driver agreed to pay for the damages but apparently (according to the local victim) he hit the back of his own vehicle to make it look like it was the local driver’s fault. There was a witness at the scene who asked the Running Springs driver if she wanted her to act as a witness but the victim (stupidly) declined (never, ever do that!!!!). In the meantime she has changed her mind and hopes that anyone who sees a new blue mini van in to see if she witnessed the accident and could contact the victim.This information was posted on “Mountain Peeps” and the victim is Cynthia Stevens Sola.

Annual Emergency Services Day Oct. 10 in Running Springs

Emergency Services Day has been held in Running Springs for many years and it is a great time for part-time and fulltime residents to get to know more about services that are available right here in Running Springs. The hours for this event are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The day includes safety and fire prevention displays as well as “everyday” services  that are available in our local communities.

This annual event always brings out a lot of residents so come and find out about who is there to help in an emergency. This event is held at the Hwy. 18 (aka Hilltop Blvd.) departments of the Running Springs Water District, the Running Springs Fire Department and the Arrowhead Area California Highway Patrol. These three agencies are located side-by-side on Hwy. 18 so they’re easy to locate. Parking can be an issue so if you’ve got lots of people who are attending you might consider car pooling. There are always a lot of people who attend and children are always happy to see Sparky the Fire Prevention Dog. Hopefully he’ll be able to make the event this year because the children always look forward to seeing Sparky.

You never know when you’re going to need emergency help so come to this annual open house event and get to know those who give so much of themselves and their time to our local communities.

P.S. Firefighters and CHP officers love cookies so if you happen to take some I’m sure they wouldn’t turn you down!





“Show Tunes and TaTas” Fundraiser for Soroptimist Mammogram Program!

Soroptimist International logoLocal musicians Chyrl Russell, Maxx Hill and YOU will have a great time when Soroptimist International of the Rim of the World holds their annual fundraiser on Sunday, October 11 at 3 p.m. at the beautiful, historic UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead.

This event will celebrate the organization’s 11th year of the Mammo-Versary program that provides mammograms for mountain women residents who otherwise would not be able to afford one of this potentially life-saving scans. Soroptimist members are so grateful to Mountains Community Hospital for their interest and dedication in helping mountain women in need to receive this potentially life-saving scan.

Come and enjoy music From Broadway, movies and sing along and throughly enjoy this annual fundraiser.

This donation at this event is $40 per person. As part of the fun there will be delicious goodies, entertainment and a no-host bar.This is the eleventh year of this fabulous program that is a great coordinated effort between the Soroptimists and the hospital.

For information call Yolanda Douglas at (909) 337-0041. This fundraiser promises to be great fun as well as a fabulous fall event.

Important Communities Preparedness Open House Sept. 22 in Lake Arrowhead! GO!!!!!!

NewspaperMountain residents…..do you know which emergency preparedness and other important services are available in the San Bernardino Mountain communities? If not, you need to be at the annual Mountain Communities emergency Preparedness Open House and Town Hall Forum that is set for September 22. This important event can provide invaluable help to all mountain area residents. This important event will be held  from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. Even if you attended this important community event last year you need to go again to get updates and new information that could help in an emergency situation.

Among the events there will be presentations by the National Weather Service, the U.S. Forest Service and San Bernardino County Public Works. This event is one of those that at least a representative from each family should attend. Learning about how to take care of a family or families during and following a disaster. No one wants to think about what could happen but the reality is that earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters can, and do occur all the time.

This annual event will include information that literally has the possibility of saving lives. The first 150 families who attend will receive a free emergency preparedness kit. Come and meet and talk with over 20 exhibitors and meet and talk with emergency responders and volunteers. This is a “learning event” and it is being offered (once again) in our local Rim of the World communities.

While it’s not easy to do the time to start preparing for a potential disaster is before it happens. Trying to plan for a disaster after it happens doesn’t do much good.

Come! Attend this event! You’ll come away with new ideas to help protect your family, your home and other information that truly can be lifesaving. Remember, what you learned last year may or may not be “up to date” and if you didn’t attend a previous open house you need to attend this upcoming one.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Mother Nature could send out an e-mail to everyone around the world that a disaster is one the way? We would know when it would happen, where it would happen and how it would happen. We would all know what is coming…but that’s not reality. Don’t be caught. Be as prepared for  potential disaster as much as you can be. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have, at least, done what you can do to protect yourself, your family and perhaps your property.

For more information contact the San Bernardino County Fire Office of Emergency Services at (909) 356-3998.


Do You Have Time to be a Meals on Wheel Driver in the Rim Communities? If so, Read This!

carDo you have some hours to donate to Rim of the World communities housebound residents? If so, Mountain Meals on Wheels wants to you talk over to your telephone, dial (909) 336-2346) and talk to Volunteer coordinator Lori Pearson about being part of this important and potentially lifesaving program.

Volunteers can choose the route they wish to deliver food to as well as the day and frequency of deliveries. Volunteers don’t have to participate and every day…instead even if they can only participate once a month it will be appreciated. The drivers delivery food to home-bound seniors and other mountain residents in need. From Green Valley Lake to Cedar Pines Park deliveries are made to help the seniors.  Due to this  driving program many seniors can continue to live in their own homes because the various volunteers take food to the participants’ home from Cedar Pines Park all the way to Green Valley Lake.

For more information on the program and to find out about what’s involved with being a driver contact Volunteer Coordinator Lori Pearson at (909 33-2346.

I imagine that many people who are home-bound and can’t get out to do their shopping are eternally grateful for the program and the local residents  who volunteer their time to make sure homebound residents are eating well due to this program. Because there is such a good connection between the driver delivering food and those that are homebound  the drivers get to know the participants well and can use their “intuition” if they see something wrong or “out of character” with the residents who are part of this program.



Arrowbear Residents: Water Conservation Measures!

NewspaperThe Arrowbear Water District board of directors recently approved water conservation measures in the community and with the ongoing drought all mountain residents should be cutting back on their water usage.

Arrowbear residents can now water landscaping on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. They cannot water landscaping and turf on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Property owners and renters cannot water plants and other foliage to the point where the water runs off the areas being watered, and certainly not into the streets.

Residents cannot wash sidewalks, patios, driveways, parking areas, porches, decks and verandas. The precious water resources, during the state drought, cannot be spent on areas just to make sure it looks “nice and clean.” Residents can water their landscaping and turf on Wednesday and Saturday as long as the water does not run off. If residents have a vegetable garden it is important that it is done sparingly. Consider planting a few drought-tolerant plants at your home, especially if they are drought tolerant and/or native plants found in the homeowners area.

Homeowners and renters can sparingly hand water individual plants by using a bucket or watering pail throughout the week as long as it doesn’t run off. If you’re thinking of washing your car do it by hand using a bucket with a brief rinse with a hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle.

Water should be used sparingly for construction maintenance purposes such as soil compaction, pressure washing prior to painting and mixing concrete as well as other necessary procedures.

Residents need to monitor their homes to make sure there are no leaking toilets, pipes or other water fixtures that could result in the loss of hundreds, or thousands, of water that would be wasted. Be sure to monitor pipes and make repairs as quickly as possible when you discover them so the least amount of water escapes.

Remember: Homeowners are responsible for the water use at their residence. If people have tenants they need to remind them of the water conservation measures underway so they can also help the environment and so they can comply with the current conservation policies.

Should you want to look it up the complete water conservation policy (#34020) is available on the district’s website at: http://www.arrowbearwater.org. Customers may also call the district office at (909) 867-2704 for more information.

It is extremely important that all residents, full-time, or part-time. help to keep their water usage to within the bounds of what the Arrowbear Water District allows during this dry season.







Free Tax Seminar for Nonprofit and Exempt Organizations July 14

NewspaperOn Tuesday, July 14 members of the California State Senate and state Assembly, San Bernardino County and the California  State Board of Equalization will host a free tax seminar for nonprofit and exempt organizations. Additional help will be available from Bob Dutton, assessor-recorder for San Bernardino County. Other agencies that may attend include the Employment Development Department, Franchise Tax Board, the Academy for Grassroots Organization and the office of the Attorney General.

This event will be held from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. The location for this informative and educational seminar is the Goldy S. Lewis Community Center. the center is located  in or at Central Park which is located at 11200 Base Line Road in Rancho Cucamonga.

Topics will include sales and use  tax for nonprofit organizations, employment taxes for nonprofit organizations, regulation of charities, property tax exemptions, compliance for exempt organizations and local resources for nonprofits.

Interested individuals or organizations can either call 1-888-847-9652 or log onto: http://www.boe.ca.gov/nps to register.