Caltrans: Highway 18 Closure Hours for Hwy. 18 Winter Preparations

Caltrans logoOctober 2-If you’re heading to or from Big Bear via Hwy. 18 you need to know that the some changes have been made by Caltrans relating to their extensive work on Hwy. 18 in the “Arctic Circle.”

The work will now be done Monday through Friday, October 12 to October 29 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The closure will be between Snow Valley Mountain Resort and the Big Bear Dam. Due to the scope of the work and the safety considerations, as well as additional planned work, the closure will now take place during daytime hours. Clearing boulders off steep cliffs that abut the highway cannot safely be done during the night hours so it is important for the safety of all Caltrans workers in the area that some of these improvements be done in the daylight hours.

Caltrans will also complete annual routine maintenance in order to prepare for winter. This work  will include rock scaling, clearing turnouts and drains, guardrail maintenance and they will paint the recessed “fog lines” on the newly-paved section.

Motorists are advised to use State Route (Hwy.) 38 as an alternate route to Big Bear.

Important Communities Preparedness Open House Sept. 22 in Lake Arrowhead! GO!!!!!!

NewspaperMountain residents… you know which emergency preparedness and other important services are available in the San Bernardino Mountain communities? If not, you need to be at the annual Mountain Communities emergency Preparedness Open House and Town Hall Forum that is set for September 22. This important event can provide invaluable help to all mountain area residents. This important event will be held  from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. Even if you attended this important community event last year you need to go again to get updates and new information that could help in an emergency situation.

Among the events there will be presentations by the National Weather Service, the U.S. Forest Service and San Bernardino County Public Works. This event is one of those that at least a representative from each family should attend. Learning about how to take care of a family or families during and following a disaster. No one wants to think about what could happen but the reality is that earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters can, and do occur all the time.

This annual event will include information that literally has the possibility of saving lives. The first 150 families who attend will receive a free emergency preparedness kit. Come and meet and talk with over 20 exhibitors and meet and talk with emergency responders and volunteers. This is a “learning event” and it is being offered (once again) in our local Rim of the World communities.

While it’s not easy to do the time to start preparing for a potential disaster is before it happens. Trying to plan for a disaster after it happens doesn’t do much good.

Come! Attend this event! You’ll come away with new ideas to help protect your family, your home and other information that truly can be lifesaving. Remember, what you learned last year may or may not be “up to date” and if you didn’t attend a previous open house you need to attend this upcoming one.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Mother Nature could send out an e-mail to everyone around the world that a disaster is one the way? We would know when it would happen, where it would happen and how it would happen. We would all know what is coming…but that’s not reality. Don’t be caught. Be as prepared for  potential disaster as much as you can be. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have, at least, done what you can do to protect yourself, your family and perhaps your property.

For more information contact the San Bernardino County Fire Office of Emergency Services at (909) 356-3998.


CHP Holding Sobriety Checkpoint July 11 in the Local Mountains

CHP plans DUI/Driver's License checkpoint this weekend. Don't drink and drive (ever!)

The Arrowhead office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will conduct a sobriety checkpoint on Saturday, July 11 in the unincorporated mountain area of San Bernardino County

The CHP’s goal is to ensure the safe passage of each and every motorist. The checkpoint is a proven effective tool for achieving this goal and it is designated to augment existing CHP patrol operations. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can expect to be arrested. The objective is to send a clear message to those considering mixing alcohol and/or drugs with driving.

Funding for this checkpoint was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


“Alice in Wonderland” Tea/Mixer “One for the Books! Literally!

Kevin and Patrick at Alice in Wonderland eventA perfectly delightful “Alice in Wonderland” themed Running Springs Chamber Meet and Greet was held at “Forwarding Wishes” on Monday evening. The March Hare was even there and children and adults all seemed to have a perfectly lovely time.

With great decorations and delightful Alice surprises this event was a huge success for everyone who attended. Small children especially loved it all because they knew, probably by heart, the story that the fun event was based upon.

The owners of Forwarding Wishes and Mr. P’s shop on Hilltop Blvd. are quite unbelievably creative and talented and between the hats or masks that were worn (of course), the table decorations and all the Alice in Wonderland “fun” it was a wonderful, happy, different, creative, fabulous event. The children who were there loved it and so did the “big people” who were there. As you can see from the photo on the left Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Somes joined “Mr. P’s owner(and husband of the tea party event) Patrick .

Holding their very creative masks in front of their faces, do you think these darlings had fun at the Mad Hatter Tea? They had a ball!!!!!
Holding their very creative masks in front of their faces, do you think these darlings had fun at the Mad Hatter Tea? They had a ball!!!!!

This was a “chamber of commerce” mixer and it simply couldn’t have been more delightful. If you haven’t scoped out both of these great businesses you don’t know what you’re missing. Forwarding Wishes is located on the bottom level of the building that houses “Mr.P’s.” These fun shops have furniture, they have antiques, they have creativity, they have fabulous and fun things on the main level and on the lower level too. Go by, say hello and look around. You’ll enjoy every single second, just like Alice and the Rabbit did last Friday evening.

The Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce members and other friends had a fabulous time at the  Alice in Wonderland tea. What great ideas these owners have!
The Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce members and other friends had a fabulous time at the Alice in Wonderland tea. What great ideas these owners have!

All the chamber member and all the children hopped all the way home, I’m sure. What a delightful event and so clever to have it on a theme from such a well-known children’s story. If you missed it go by and say “hello” and see what they are planning next time!

This was a wonderful, creative event and if you missed it you need to kick yourself and then jump back into the rabbit hole.

Keep up with these owners…..their shops (Forwarding Wishes and Mr.P’s) because they’re fabulous!




Cal State Offering Fascinating Science Summer Camp For Elementary Students

Changes In MatterCal State San Bernardino’s College of Education, in partnership with the College of Extended Learning, will host a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Summer Camp. The focus? “Using Nature’s Energy!” This great summer program is available to elementary school students who are entering the third through fifth grades. The camp will be held from July 13-17 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cal State University San Bernardino. The camp cost is $130 and it is open to the public.

This summer camp will be fascinating to children interested in science and engineering. Children are born engineers and have a natural curiosity about the world and how things work. This camp will stimulate their imaginations as they follow steps to design a solar oven and create wind-powered machines.

The students will learn safety and technical procedures, important engineering and design skills and they will also be exposed to a variety of STEM careers.

For more information contact the Office of Professional and Continuing Education in the College of Extended Learning. Call (909) 537-5976 or send an e-mail to:


Need a Mental “Pick Me Up?” Attend the AAA Concert With the Masters of Harmony!

NewspaperIf you think  magnificent harmony is passe and is an art that is “dead in the water” you need to attend the upcoming Sunday, June 14 performance of the “Masters of Harmony” in Lake Arrowhead. You’ll leave there with an entirely different point of view and a spring in your step.

The thrilling sound of a large choir of men’s voices will fill the beautiful venue of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and it promises to be an event that people will remember for a long time. While it may seem that this type of music is a dying art thank goodness there are choirs and choral groups keeping harmony alive. It is most likely to send chills down your spine so come and enjoy this special event on June 14.There is, undoubtedly, a reason this men’s choral group has won eight international championships.

Tickets are only $15  and they will be available at the door. This magnificent setting is a perfect venue for this exciting musical program. Come and enjoy the blended sounds of this exceptional men’s choir along with their great choreography and showmanship. It promises to be a great afternoon filled with music that you’ll love (and understand!)

Give yourself a real treat and attend this special event.  You won’t be able to stop yourself from leaving this beautiful church without feeling refreshed and able to take on the world.


“Breakfast with your Supervisor” June 26 in Lake Arrowhead

Janice Rutherford for SupervisorSupervisor Janice Rutherford will be hosting a “Breakfast with your Supervisor” event at 8 a.m. on Friday, June 26 at Woody’s Boathouse in Lake Arrowhead Village.

These “breakfast” events are a good way to get to know the supervisor a little bit and letting her know about community issues  as well as asking questions and meeting some of her staff.

The charge for breakfast is $13 and it can be paid at the door.

Woody’s Boathouse is located on the waterfront of Lake Arrowhead Village.

See you there!