It’s Time For The Nutcracker: November 27 and 28 in the Mountains!

Colorful costumes and delightful dancing makes the Lake Arrowhead Classical Ballet Company's production of "The Nutcracker" something very special each year. Congratulations to all the dancers and especially the teachers and Dance Director Sharon McCormick. Another great year!It’s that time of year again…..time when the Sugar Plum Fairy dusts off her wand and dances into theaters throughout the world. It’s that time when children look excitingly through windows for Santa. It’s that time of year when friends get together and enjoy the camraderie…yes, it’s getting to be that time again when little girls dream of being the Sugar Plum Fairy, dancing through Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music.


Each year this ballet is danced by thousands of excited dancers who range from young children to seasoned performers and this delightful Christmas “bon-bon” has become an enormous part of the Christmas holiday season.

This year’s local Lake Arrowhead performances will be held Friday, November 27 at 2:30 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 28 at 2:30 and 8 p.m. with the final performance at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday November 29. The charge remains at $20 per seat.

For more information log onto the company’s website at: or call the dance studio at (909) 336-1359.

Tickets are still available but they won’t be for long so purchase your tickets as quickly as possible or you are apt to be out of luck.

Caltrans: Highway 18 Closure Hours for Hwy. 18 Winter Preparations

Caltrans logoOctober 2-If you’re heading to or from Big Bear via Hwy. 18 you need to know that the some changes have been made by Caltrans relating to their extensive work on Hwy. 18 in the “Arctic Circle.”

The work will now be done Monday through Friday, October 12 to October 29 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The closure will be between Snow Valley Mountain Resort and the Big Bear Dam. Due to the scope of the work and the safety considerations, as well as additional planned work, the closure will now take place during daytime hours. Clearing boulders off steep cliffs that abut the highway cannot safely be done during the night hours so it is important for the safety of all Caltrans workers in the area that some of these improvements be done in the daylight hours.

Caltrans will also complete annual routine maintenance in order to prepare for winter. This work  will include rock scaling, clearing turnouts and drains, guardrail maintenance and they will paint the recessed “fog lines” on the newly-paved section.

Motorists are advised to use State Route (Hwy.) 38 as an alternate route to Big Bear.

Mountain Action for Peace and Justice Hosting Candlelight Vigil September 24

Congratulations on your latest book, Rhea.
Congratulations on your latest book, Rhea.

Members of the Mountain Action for Peace and Justice will hold a candlelight vigil on Thursday,  September 24 at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to participate by bringing a reading, a poem, a song or a heartfelt message about protecting the earth from climate change and improving the plight of the poor.

The vigil will demonstrate support for this new era of sustainable development and respect for the planet by joining in vigils and events internationally on the eve of opening of the new session of the United Nations. The people involved will also be honoring the speech by Pope Francis before the United Nations.

International plans start in Sydney and lighting up the world through Delhi, Johannesburg, London and Sao Paulo and then it will culminate in New York to coincide with the U.N. General Assembly.

Those participating in the vigil will be provided with a candle unless they take a lantern. The group will meet in Jensen’s Blue Jay parking lot at 7 p.m. The market is located in Blue Jay, ever so near to Lake Arrowhead.

For further information call (909) 337-1279 or contact:


CHP Offering Free “Start Smart” Driving Program for Teens and their Parents in Running Springs

"The Line Up"-Five or six of the California Highway Patrol squad cars were lined up along the embankment on the side of the Hwy. 18 station so the parking lot was free to house a small car show and bounce house for the children.
“The Line Up”-Five or six of the California Highway Patrol squad cars were lined up along the embankment on the side of the Hwy. 18 station so the parking lot was free to house a small car show and bounce house for the children.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Office of Traffic Safety over 68,000 teens have died in car crashes in the last decade. To help teens get a good start behind the wheel the California Highway Patrol, teenagers and their parents or guardians can take part in the Start-Smart program.

The goal of the class is to help young drivers and their parents understand the responsibilities associated with driving a motor vehicle. The class will also show how poor choices behind the wheel can change the lives of everyone involved. The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of teen-related injuries and deaths due to collisions,

On Saturday, November 19 at 4:30 p.m. the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be presenting a Start Smart Class in Running Springs.  The location is Calvary Chapel Running Springs at 31575 Hwy. 18 in “downtown Running Springs.” There is no cost for attending the class. Parents and new drivers interested in attending the class need to RSVP with CHP Officer Quintero or Officer Rodman by September 18. To RSVP call (909) 867-2791.  Space is limited to the first 25 students and parents. Additional classes will be scheduled as needed.

This class has the opportunity to help teens get on the right track with driving and it could, ultimately, prove to be a life saver.






Important Communities Preparedness Open House Sept. 22 in Lake Arrowhead! GO!!!!!!

NewspaperMountain residents… you know which emergency preparedness and other important services are available in the San Bernardino Mountain communities? If not, you need to be at the annual Mountain Communities emergency Preparedness Open House and Town Hall Forum that is set for September 22. This important event can provide invaluable help to all mountain area residents. This important event will be held  from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. Even if you attended this important community event last year you need to go again to get updates and new information that could help in an emergency situation.

Among the events there will be presentations by the National Weather Service, the U.S. Forest Service and San Bernardino County Public Works. This event is one of those that at least a representative from each family should attend. Learning about how to take care of a family or families during and following a disaster. No one wants to think about what could happen but the reality is that earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters can, and do occur all the time.

This annual event will include information that literally has the possibility of saving lives. The first 150 families who attend will receive a free emergency preparedness kit. Come and meet and talk with over 20 exhibitors and meet and talk with emergency responders and volunteers. This is a “learning event” and it is being offered (once again) in our local Rim of the World communities.

While it’s not easy to do the time to start preparing for a potential disaster is before it happens. Trying to plan for a disaster after it happens doesn’t do much good.

Come! Attend this event! You’ll come away with new ideas to help protect your family, your home and other information that truly can be lifesaving. Remember, what you learned last year may or may not be “up to date” and if you didn’t attend a previous open house you need to attend this upcoming one.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Mother Nature could send out an e-mail to everyone around the world that a disaster is one the way? We would know when it would happen, where it would happen and how it would happen. We would all know what is coming…but that’s not reality. Don’t be caught. Be as prepared for  potential disaster as much as you can be. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have, at least, done what you can do to protect yourself, your family and perhaps your property.

For more information contact the San Bernardino County Fire Office of Emergency Services at (909) 356-3998.


Hearts and Lives: Helping Mtn. Residents Get Low-Cost Dental Services for Their Children

This cute squirrel could use some dental work. What big teeth he's got!
This cute squirrel could use some dental work. What big teeth he’s got!

Did you know that there are many different programs available for residents of the Rim of the World communities and many of them are offered to families through Hearts and Lives.

For newborns to five-year-olds, as well as pregnant mothers, free dental screenings are available through Hearts and Lives. Additionally, eligible health information, dental resources, a children’s dental care kit, fluoride varnish procedures for children and pregnant women are or can be arranged. It is important that parents book an appointment as soon as possible. As part of the “push” to help children learn more about taking good care of their teeth, when parents sign up for the free dental screening the children will receive a free book.

Hearts and Lives has been dedicated to helping local families for many years and this great outreach is only one example of how this organization helps families from Crestline to Green Valley Lake. The agency headquarters is located in Crestline. For information on this dental program for adults or children call (909) 338-3222.

Hearts and Lives began after the horrific Old Fire that desiccated so many areas of the mountains and burned so many homes. It remains one of the huge tragedies in the San Bernardino mountain communities and the impact of that horrific fire remains in residents’ minds and hearts. Without a doubt the formation of that organization has helped hundreds, if not a few thousand, part-time and fulltime residents throughout the years.




St. Richard’s Episcopal Church Hosting Annual Yard Sale Sept. 5 and 6’s that time again……..time when the parking lot of St. Richard’s Episcopal  Church in Skyforest is filled to almost overflowing when they host their annual yard sale. This year’s big event will be held Saturday, September 5 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Saturday September 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The address is 28708 Hwy. 18 and for you “oldies but goodies” you’ll remember that the church is located directly across Hwy. 18 from what was (way back then) known as the Storybook Inn.

This event is always fun and it’s a great way to “stock” a cabin that’s not occupied at all times or to find goodies for lucky residents who live in the mountains full-time.

One of the things that makes this yard sale so much fun is that there’s just about anything that anyone would want or need.

Come on over to Hwy. 18 in Skyforest and don’t forget your wallet. You’re apt to find a lot of great goodies that you can’t resist. This event is always fun and it is a great way for part time cabin owners to pick up some great things to put in their rental cabins. Come to think of it, it’s a great way to pick up great goodies for your family or friends. Come and enjoy this big rummage sale. It’s always fun, to say the least!