First Foundation Bank in Running Springs is Hosting a Retirement Open House on Thursday, May 30 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Terisa Bonito has been the local bank “head” for many years but she’s retiring. An open house will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 30 to thank Terisa for all her years of helping local residents with their banking problems and other banking ideas and issues. On May 30 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Terisa will host an open house at the bank at 2625 Whispering Pines Drive in Running Springs. Come and help give Terisa a great “retirement” and don’t forget to thank her for her years of helping local mountain residents with their banking issues. She will be missed after all these years so a big “THANK YOU TERISA!” She deserves a great retirement!

Who Was Gene Wall?

In 1985 (when I started he Alpenhorn newspaper) I wrote about one of our local “creatures” known as Gene Wall. He’s the one that carved all the totem poles in our community and I just found the story I wrote so many years ago so for those of you who didn’t know Gene here’s the story I wrote. He was an interesting, loving member of our community for many years and everyone knew his totem poles. Fortunately they are still standing.

“When was the last time you saw a vibrantly colored totem pole standing more than 30 feet in the sky? Well, if you drive along Hwy. 18 in Running Springs you can’t help but notice the new addition at “Fort Running Springs”which was Gene’s property. Longtime resident Gene Wall spent about five months carving the pole using figures based on Indian legends and stories. He got the cedar tree out of the county yard in Blue Jay. It was growing above one of the building and after a very rainy winter it began to lean forward to the building. County officials were afraid it would fall through the building so they gave it to Gene With the help of Bob Johnson who hauled it in his logging truck, the cedar was taken to Fort Running Springs where it is now can be enjoyed by everyone who drives by. Gene gratefully ackenowledegs the help of Gene Newcombe for the use of the crane to erect the pole and to Bob Albin for all his help with the project. (This story so long ago and I am hoping that someone will want to give the totem pole some much-needed “help.” It’s getting really old and it would be such a shame if it and the other totem poles in our community fell to the ground. The poles really need new paint jobs and I hope that someone or maybe a scout troop would be interested in giving the poles a much-needed new paint job. Although Gene passed away many years ago I hope that some or some people will be able to bring the colors back to what they were so many years ago when they were first painted. If so I like to think that Gene is in heaven and is so happy that someone or some residents are giving his totem poles a “fresh start of a new life” so to speak. My e-mail is: Please keep me in the loop. Thanks to all who are interested in our history and Gene.

A Funny Story From Long Ago…You’ll Love it….I hope!

Many (and I do mean many years ago when my mother took me and my two other sisters us to Europe for about eight months. Needless to say the 1960s was an interesting time to be driving around Europe but my older sister Gail did all the driving. My mother and my younger sister Nancy Got to just enjoy the ride and all the scenery. At one point we were asked by the American government if we would like to be serve our country. Naturally our mother said yes and that’s how we met Lieutenant Col. Curtis who, of course, was CIA or some other form of our secretive government but we were so dumb we never thought about that. He our mother to lunch and said that a mother going around Europe with her three daughters was a wonderful way to “serve our country” because no one would suspect that there was any kind of “spying” going on. Mother thanked him profusely for his interest in having us be spies (he didn’t call it that, of course) but she declined this “opportunity” and she told him that we would have to figure out a different way to serve our country. That was the end of the “spying” story but all these decades later I still remember it so well when I was still in college as was my older sister and my younger sister was still in junior high. It was quite a time and what a trip my mother took us on for months and months. Were’t we lucky….and no, none of us grew up to be spies (of any type!)

Great “Farmers Market” Opened Today in Running Springs

Well, the annual Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market opened this morning and there was a great crowd of anxious vendors of many varieties were anxious to get the delicious food items as well as many interesting “farmer’s market” items to keep your refrigerator or your wardrobe closet. The market is always great fun for everyone and the chamber of commerce has been hosting this weekend event for many years now and it has proven to be a great event for everyone…..those who are selling items and those who are happy to purchase their items.

Running Springs Farmer’s Market Opens on Saturday, May 4

This years exciting Running Springs Farmer’s Market will open this Saturday, May 4 by the big lot just off Hilltop Blvd right by the local bank. The market will be held where it has been held in prior years on Whispering Pines and it is directly next to the bank. This fun and always interesting artisans faire and farmer’s market will be in Running Springs from May 4 to September 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There are always great items to tempt your wallet and your eyes so come on out and enjoy this longtime event. On May 4 (opening day) the market theme will be a Cinco de Mayo celebration so come and see what’s around. The next Saturday will honor Mother’s Day and will have a garden expo on May 11. Each week the faire will have different items to tempt your pocket book. In the next couple of days I will post all the dates and the items that will be sold. Thanks to Snow Valley the very popular Snow Valley Ski promotion will also be around on Sept. 7, 14, 21 and 28. This program allows purchesers who spend $25 or more at the market to a free Snow Valley Ski lift ticket. This year a SkyPark pass promotion will also be available on June 8, July 6, August 10. I’ll update all of these as we go along. This summer should be a great time for vendors (who we thank a lot for participating) and for happy shoppers who enjoy this annual event. See you at the “market.”

I’m Back After a Week or So!!!

Well, my beautiful granddaughter’s yesterday was, of course, marvelous and so beautiful. As she and all her Moseley family members her family and all of us wore, of course, beautiful close for Maddi Aberg’s wedding I couldn’t help was remember back when Maddi was such a little girl and it reminded me that the Aberg family members and the Moseley family have known each other literally for several decades. In one way or another for many ,many years. and I do mean years in one way or another (or actually many ways) our families have helped, supported, teased and loved each other so yesterday’s beautiful wedding was very special to all of us. I send love to my beautiful granddaughter Maddi and her husband, Chas and my wish for them is that they have a wonderful life filled with love and understanding of one another as life goes on.

A Wonderful Local Story From 1991

I’ve been looking through a lot of my old Alpenhorn newspapers and having a wonderful “look back” from so many years as the owner. I recently came upon one that isn’t an “antique” so to speak but it was from the March 7, 1991 issue. One of the most giving person in our Running Springs community, Dixi Willemse, was part of that story. The story I’m looking at for that issue had a lot to say about Girl Scout cookies. “Thanks to the generosity of Riverside and San Bernardino County residents, Americans serving in the Persian Gulf will receive a taste of home soon as 108,780 boxes of Girls Scout cookies made their way to the war zone. The San Gorgonio’s Scout Council’s “Troops for Troops” program offered local residents the opportunity to buy Girls Scout cookies to send to military personnel stationed in the Middle East. Girls began selling cooking on January 25, 1991 and they continued through February 9 when the program ended. The cookies were to be shipped to the Middle East and it was coordinated by the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia. In August and September many people inquired about the cookies and how to ship them. March Air Force Base was originally approached about the possibility of transporting the cookies to the Middle East, but because of the success of the “Troops for Troops” program and the large quantities of cookies that were sold, the Defense Logistics Agency stepped in to honor the delivery commitment. Needless to say in August and September when the troops were first being moved into Saudi Arabia they received many inquiries about Girl Scout Cookies., especially the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies.Between the help of many people our troops got to munch away on those delicious cooking that people all around the country just can’t get enough of………Thanks to all and to anyone, including “our” Dixi who has given so much of her life to so many people throughout the years. If a diamond is a gem, it can’t be better than Dixie and others who care so much about our troops and our world..