From Mexican to Chinese!

Running Springs residents are giddy with knowing that a fabulous Chinese restaurant will soon be completed and opened to the public right on Hwy. 18 in “downtown” Running Springs. This is such great news and I know that once the restaurant is open they’re bound happily greet their customers and vice-versa.

Located in a building that has been there for many, many years the original restaurant, I believe, was Don Pepe’s but the Mexican restaurant closed several years ago.  Won’t it be wonderful to have a Chinese restaurant “at our finger tips.” I am sure that locals, part-timers and visitors will be thrilled. I know it will be a big hit in our community so keep your eyes open and enjoy the work as it gets closer and closer to the opening. Just for fun you might get a set of chopsticks and start using them so you can be ready when the new restaurant opens.


Wasn’t Halloween Fun in Downtown R.S. Fun!!!!!!!

A big “BOO” and “Thank You Too” to all the local businesses and the members of the Running Springs chamber of commerce who opened their doors in town so the kids could have a great time? Springs of Life Church on Hilltop Boulevard and the Golden Oaks members had a great time with all the kids when  the Golden Oaks Thrift parking lot  was filled with (what seemed like a million excited trick-or-treaters). Boy were they having fun and so were their parents and friends.. Halloween is so much fun along Hilltop Blvd. (Hwy. 18) and it’s one of those holidays that children never forget. With all the kids huddled around the local businesses they had a ball. Not only did the children have a terrific time so did all the parents and friends as well as all the shopkeepers involved.

Halloween Fun from 2 to 5 p.m. Oct. 31 in R.S.

With Halloween right around the corner (on October 31) family fun will be held throughout the communities. From 2 to 5 p.m. participating merchants in Arrowbear Lake and Running Springs are going all out to make sure the local children and their families have great Halloween fun. While much of the fun or trick-or-treating will take place along the highway that goes through Running Springs be sure to take the kids to the trunk or treat at Kid’s Corner from 2 to4 p.m. Kid’s Corner is the preschool on Hunsaker Drive near the library.
For many years the Running Springs Chamber of Commerce has sponsored this fun Halloween event so put on some face paint (after all adults need to have Halloween fun too) and come out for this annual event.
For more information call Suzie at the Cut Above at (909) 867-9111.
See you there! For extra fun dress up and “be a kid” again.

R.S. Chamber Hosting Annual Installation

As the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce has done for decades their annual installation of officers and recognition dinner is set for Saturday, October 28. this annual event will be held at Snow Valley Mountain Resort on Hwy.18 in Running Springs.
From 6 to 7 p.m. a silent auction and social time will be held so come early and enjoy the fun. Come and see all the great items you can bid on. Trust me, our local businesses have been involved so a big “thank you” to all of them who support this event that helps the chamber of commerce each year. Bidding on (and hopefully winning) the donated items is a great way to pick up early holiday gifts. For years I have purchased items and let me tell you, it’s a great way to not panic as the holiday months get closer and closer. Just think, you might be able to cut down on crazy trips to stores that get crazier and crazier each year as the holidays arrive.
The delicious prime rib dinner buffet, prepared by (local) Bacchus Catering, will be held at 7 p.m. This local restaurant (Blondie’s) always puts a lot of time and effort to make sure the food is extra-good for this event.
The cost is $30 per person and reservations need to be made and paid for by October 23. By the way, if you desire a vegetarian dinner you need to let the chamber of commerce know ASAP with your request.

Looking Back……

I have been having the most wonderful time the past few months as I go through so many of my old newspapers. I was the original owner and editor of The Alpenhorn newspaper and I have many of my old newspapers. It truly is fun to look through them and remember about the early and late 1980s when the Golden Oaks was formed, when real estate was booming and when we had lots and lots of snow in the winters, ect., ect. ect.
One of the most important events that took place in the winter was “Winterfest” and boy, was it fun. Back in the day we could had a lot of different events. Naturally, there was downhill skiing at Snow Valley and great cross-country skiing at Rim Nordic which is directly across the highway from Snow Valley. At that time several of the ski instructors came down the snowy slopes at night,holding some type of flares. It was so beautiful to see people “shooshing” down the slopes in a beautiful formation with the flares (or whatever else you can call them).
Winterfest consisted of several different events that revolved, naturally, about snow.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, in so many ways, those were the “good old days” or nights. Perhaps there are people out there who would like to help….our chamber of commerce and the Arrowbear Lions Club members really are the only local organizations so perhaps people reading this might get interested in helping.

Another Fun “Post” From Pete Shaw in 1995

When I started The Alpenhorn newspaper in Running Springs so many years ago I was so lucky to have my friend, Pete Shaw, write and send me a column for each paper. I never knew what he would write and sometimes it was funny and sometimes it was lovely and sentimental. Fortunately I have many of his stories so I am starting to print some of them. This one is hilarious (as so many were) so enjoy!

********MISS WADDLE’S CLASS********

“The scene is a 5th grade classroom. Johnny Sauer has been nominated for class treasurer and is being questioned by Priscilla (P), the class “brain and Miss Waddles “pet.”
P: We have some serious questions regarding your qualifications for the classroom position.”
J: “What did you say?
P: “We’re not sure you should be the treasurer.”
J: Why not?
P:“We are concerned about your character and integrity.”
J”What are they?”
P:”Character and integrity.”
J:”Character is good moral status or constitution.
P: Integrity is soundless of moral character.
J:”Have I got some of that stuff?”
P: “That’s what we’re attempting to find out.”
j: “Well,go ahead!”
P: Johnny Sauer, on August 4, did you take a sip from your mother’s wine cooler?”
J: Ya, but it was a really hot day and there was cold drips comin’ down the side of the bottle and it was berry flavor, an’it just looked so good. I mean,ya’ know it was just one sip.
P: On October 20 did you lick the foam off the top of your father’s beer can?

J:Ya, but we were wood cuttin’ and it was real hot an my dad just laughed. He wasn’t mad about it!”
P: “Jonny Sauer, did you trade one Yogi Berra baseball card for Willy Spinks whole card collection?
J:Yeh, what’s wrong with that?
J: Willy wanted that Yogi Berra card bad. Do you know who Yogi Berra is?
P: “That’s not important. Did you, on Halloween night 1988 kiss Mary Spooner on the lips?
J: “ya, but she had a Snow White mask on and she couldn’t even feel it.”
P: “It’s my understanding you weren’t even going steady and that you offered her a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to go through with the act.”
J: “Ya, that’s right! She took it too even after I told her the deal was off after she kept her mask on.”

P: “Johnny Sauer, it is obvious to me that after reviewing your drinking habits, business dealings and relationships with girls that you are unqualified to hold the position of class treasurer. I shall report my findings to Miss Waddle and the entire student council.”
J: Wait a minute. How about the time you wrote rhododendrum on the palm of your hand to win the spelling bee an’ day you cheat in tetherball an’ everybody knows it. An’ you gossip so bad about your friends.
Yesterday when Miss Waddle walked past in class I heard you whisper to Nancy that she had a big …….. “Stop! This hearing’s is officially over!”

Annual Pine Cone Festival at Rim Nordic

Well, the annual Pine Cone Festival is right around the corner on February 14 so bring your “sweetie” or great friends and children and come have a great time.
This year a new venue has been selected and it’s the perfect spot for this fun “hurray” to the pine cones.”
Rim Nordic Ski is easy to find on Hwy. 18 because it is about four or five miles east from Running Springs and it’s across from Snow Valley Ski Resort. The hours are 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. so come and see all the displays of what can be done with the “common” pine cone. It really is a fun event so bring the family (but leave the dogs and cats home or in the car). This year the Pine Cone Olympics will be featured.
Unless you live in the mountains I’m going to guess that you’ve never been to a pinecone festival so come and have fun and enjoy the creativity of locals and out-of-towners who are having a great time.
Just think, if you are every on Jeopardy and they have questions about pinecones you’ll have a change at winning. While that probably isn’t going to happen (but who knows?) you’ll have a great time at this event!