Need to Hone Your Public Speaking Skills? New Toastmasters Club Forming! in Arrowhead!

Does the thought of giving a speech or even a few sentences in front of other people send you to your doctor’s to get anxiety medication? Does the idea of giving a speech have you considering moving to another country or even another planet? If so, relax, help is on the way.
Did you know there’s a Toastmasters International chapter in the mountains? If you don’t, now you do!
Members meet on the first and fourth Thursdays at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Lake Arrowhead from noon to 1 p.m. The church is located at 27415 School Road (very near Rim of the World High School). The total cost to be a charter Toastmasters member, with dues paid through March 31, is $64.35. Thereafter dues are only $36 for six months, plus any optional club dues.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a charter member of an international organization that has helped thousands of people improve their speaking skills. It’s not a secret that learning to speak before others, whether in at work or play, is an enormous advantage but many people simply can’t do it and don’t know how to get help.Being able to speak in front of others is much easier than dealing with the consequences of passing out in front of a crowd if you have to talk. The organization can also help people who just need a little bit of help or they need to hone their public speaking skills….a lot!
For more information contact Mountain Counseling and Training Toastmasters Club, via Michael Beavers. When 20 members or more join the association they can complete the charter process.

For information contact Michael Beavers at or call the office at (909) 336-3330. You can also contact Charlie Farrell at or phone 337-5400.
For many people who have to speak in public, whether at work or at meetings this new organization could be a lifesaver and it can also help good speakers become great speakers.

It’s Time For The Nutcracker: November 27 and 28 in the Mountains!

Colorful costumes and delightful dancing makes the Lake Arrowhead Classical Ballet Company's production of "The Nutcracker" something very special each year. Congratulations to all the dancers and especially the teachers and Dance Director Sharon McCormick. Another great year!It’s that time of year again…..time when the Sugar Plum Fairy dusts off her wand and dances into theaters throughout the world. It’s that time when children look excitingly through windows for Santa. It’s that time of year when friends get together and enjoy the camraderie…yes, it’s getting to be that time again when little girls dream of being the Sugar Plum Fairy, dancing through Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music.


Each year this ballet is danced by thousands of excited dancers who range from young children to seasoned performers and this delightful Christmas “bon-bon” has become an enormous part of the Christmas holiday season.

This year’s local Lake Arrowhead performances will be held Friday, November 27 at 2:30 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 28 at 2:30 and 8 p.m. with the final performance at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday November 29. The charge remains at $20 per seat.

For more information log onto the company’s website at: or call the dance studio at (909) 336-1359.

Tickets are still available but they won’t be for long so purchase your tickets as quickly as possible or you are apt to be out of luck.

Rotary Polar Bear Plunge Planned for Feb. 6, 2016

Rotary logoThe members of the rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead are already working on the 8th annual PolarRotary Bear Plunge which will be held on February 6, 2016 at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa beach This incredibly fun fundraiser will be held at 10 a.m. so if you can’t participate make a note on your 2016 calendar to be sure to attend and enjoy all the fun!

Styled after fundraising “Walk-a-Thons” hearty volunteers dip into the freezing cold water of Lake Arrowhead to raise money for the Lake Arrowhead Rotary foundation and for their favorite charitable organization as well. Last year, a record $27,625 was raised by 65 intrepid plungers and hopefully the upcoming 2016 event will raise even more.

Event founder and chairman Dr. Patrick Rains hopes to smash all records this year and he encourages all who are involved with nonprofit organizations to consider the PolaRotary Bear Plunge as a fundraising opportunity.

Those who jump can split the pledges they collect from their individual sponsors between the Rotary Foundation and another charity of their choice. Recipients in the past have included Soroptimist, the Rim Education Foundation, Operation Provider, the Arrowhead Arts Association, CSUSB Mountain Scholarship Fund, Special Olympics, the Susan G. Koman Foundation as well as several mountain churches.

New this year will be the participation of several Rotary District governors from neighboring southern California areas. Under the PolaRotary Plunge rules, the first $1,00 that they can raise will be split evenly with the Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead but every dollar thereafter will go entirely to their respective Rotary Districts. Last February 65 braves souls took the plunge, benefitting 27 different charities Jumpers have included state assemblymen, county supervisors, several mountain Citizens of the Year, college professors, clergymen, school board members and a wide range of businesses and community leaders. Dr. Hugh Bialecki and Dr. Patrick Rains share the distinction of jumping every year since the annual event began. Professor Barbara Miller, 83 years young, has been the oldest participant and she is planning to take the refreshing dip for the fifth time.

There are only three rules with which jumpers must comply: No wet suits,  are allowed, no nudity and all “jumpers” must complete a total submersion in the lake. The event will be filmed again by the Rim High Film Club with DVD’s given to all participants. Copies of this fabulous event can be purchased as a way to remember this great, clever and ever-so-cold (but exciting) event.

Rotary Plungers are encouraged to wear a costume as it adds a lot to this unique fundraiser. Trophies, donated by the Coffee and Tea Exchange, Sondra’s of Lake Arrowhead the local branch of Union Bank, will be awarded to individual jumpers and teams with the best costumes.  Throughout the years divine divas, kings and queens, Darth Vader and Marilyn Monroe have been spotted braving the cold waters. A hit last year was the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Synchronous Jumping Team). “Jumpers” can be part of a team or they can “take the plunge” individually.

The lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is not only providing the venue again this year, but they graciously are allowing jumpers to use their hot tubs, changing rooms and showers immediately after their refreshing dip in the lake. It’s always fun to see the “jumpers” slowly get out of the lake and onto the very wet sand (often at a crawl) and then immediately hit the Jacuzzi where they happily warm up in the hot bubbling water.

For more information about becoming a jumper, a sponsor or a donor  call (909) 744-8782.

This event is fabulous, fun and it is a wonderful way for the local Rotary to make some money. Even if you can’t participate or donate to those who do you might want to dress warmly and go watch the fun at the beach at the resort. You’ll enjoy every second…and who knows, you might decide to “take the jump” next year.




Oktoberfest Fun Continues at Lake Arrowhead

Delicious German Beer? Yum!
Delicious German Beer? Yum!

Save some money this year. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to go to Munich for Oktoberfest just drive to Lake Arrowhead for authentic German food as well as delicious German beer to celebrate this annual German celebration. Come enjoy the fun of delicious German food and music. It’s just like going to Europe………..only a lot closer.
The Hours are noon to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays through October.
For more information log onto:</strong. Come and enjoy the fun….it will be over soon for another year so enjoy it while it’s here.

Mountains Community Hospital Auxiliary Hosting “50/50 Wine-O” Bingo Night Fundraiser

Mountains Community Hospital garden 2015 019The very active members of the Mountains Community Hospital auxiliary will be hosting a fun event on Wednesday, October 14 when they present their “50/50 Wine-O Bingo Night.”

The fun will be held at the “Grapevine” in Lake Arrowhead Village so come prepared for a fun evening from 5 to 7 p.m. This will be a fundraiser for the local hospital auxiliary that does so much for local mountain residents. This will be the second annual event of this kind and it promises to be great fun.

Throughout the years this small community hospital has helped thousands of local residents as well as visitors. Since it was founded so many years ago they have been focused on helping both local residents and visitors and the auxiliary members who are involved have a great deal to do with the success of this small local facility. This small hospital has been able to help thousands of people throughout the years so it is important to “keep them going” so to speak and this fundraiser and the auxiliary members do so much to help the staff and help raise funds for this longtime mountain facility.

Join the members for a fun night of games, wine and donating to a great cause. The charge for this fun event is $25 per person and that includes two glasses of wine and a playing card for Wine-O!

To RSVP contact Ronda Rynda at (909) 744-9411 or send an email to:

Second Mountain Cinema Club Movie Set for October 7

movie camera artworkIf you enjoy foreign films you need to be a member of the Mountain Cinema Club. This is a reminder that the club will present the second film of its 2015 Fall series on Wednesday, October 7. Show times are 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. at the Blue Jay Cinema in (not surprisingly) Blue Jay.

The upcoming film will feature  “The Liberator” which deals with Simon Bolivar’s campaigns to liberate twice the territory of Alexander the Great’s conquests. Born to privilege, Bolivar was raised by a family slave and he was taught by a socialist professor. He then took up the cause of the down-trodden and common people and that made him a fighter, a lover and a scholar

All Mountain Cinema Club membership passes were mailed out but if members did not receive they should contact Mary Lindsey, the treasurer of this organization. Cinema passes may be purchased at the door 30 minutes prior to showtime at the Blue Jay Cinema. Individual film tickets are $10 each or a membership for the remaining season is $35.

If you want to take used ink or toner cartridges that help the Rim Education Foundation help students and teachers in the Rim of the World Unified School District they will be happy to accept the donation, You can  take them to this event. Also, the Rim Education Foundation accepts old cell phones so if you have any sitting around and you don’t know what to do with them take them to the theater and the members of the Rim Education Foundation will be grateful for your support.

For more information on the Mountain Cinema Club log onto:

Annual Arrowhead Arts Fall Concert…..Bravo!

Each year the San BernardinoSymphony Orchestra absolutely enthralls a packed house at the beautiful Our Lady of the Lake Catholic  Church. This event has been happening for probably 20 years.
Each year the San BernardinoSymphony Orchestra absolutely enthralls a packed house at the beautiful Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church. This event has been happening for probably 20 years. It is always wonderful to see Ken Camarella take the baton and lead the orchestra at the beginning of this incredible performance.,

The magnificence of the incredibly beautiful Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Crest Park cannot be put into words. The soaring cathedral-like windows give ?????? to those who are fortunate, each year, to attend the Arrowhead Arts Association’s “always thrilling” fall concert. Last Sunday’s “Fall concert” was certainly no exception.

Dressed in black and white the symphony musicians filled the rather-small area that encircles the area where the altar is and somehow they always manage to squeeze into the area. With probably 30 or 40 musicians and their instruments, chairs and other paraphernalia needed for a symphony orchestra, it’s a tight (but wonderful) squeeze.

This event has been held for years at this magnificent cathedral and it is always thrilling to listen and admire the skills of these musicians as well as the beauty of the church. In many ways this concert, sponsored by the Arrowhead Arts and the priest and parishoners of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church which so graciously hosts this annual event, truly is a match made in heaven.

Each year following the performance several of the musicians and their conductor join Arrowhead Arts Association members and concert-goers at a lovely reception at the church rectory.
Each year following the performance several of the musicians and their conductor join Arrowhead Arts Association members and concert-goers at a lovely reception at the church rectory.

Each year the orchestra’s well-known and respected music director and conductor Frank Fetta, conducts this orchestra with gusto and passion and it is easy to see that he loves what he does and probably always has loved what he does. With his long white ponytail and his beautiful white hair it is fascinating to watch him conduct the symphony with long fingers on each hand.  Every year I am mesmerized in watching his long hands as they truly are beautiful and helpful to a conductor all at the same time!

“Home Base” for the symphony is the charming, historic California Theater of the Performing Arts in San Bernardino. The symphony, that was founded in 1929, is quite extraordinary and each year when they bring truck loads of instruments and themselves up to perform in the mountains  it is always something that local music lovers enjoy each and every year. It truly is spectacular.

Maestro Flynn, conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra had a wonderful time at this AAA fundraiser. It was an honor to meet him and have the chance to talk with him.
Maestro Flynn, conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra had a wonderful time at this AAA fundraiser a few months ago. It was an honor to meet him and have the chance to talk with him.

This year’s concert featured classical tenor Gustavo Hernandez Garcia who absolutely had the audience spellbound with his strong voice. He sang “Granada” and I know every single person sitting in the audience was spellbound. He received a strong, long-standing enthusiastic standing ovation.

Not to be overlooked, talented violinist Gustavo Oliva played Mosaico Suite which was extraordinary as his fingers literally flew over the strings of his violin. Between the two musicians the audience was completely enthralled and the pews in this beautiful church were filled with happy and thrilled audience members .  . It is always fascinating to realize how many different things compose this symphony orchestra. They load a large truck filled with instruments and anything else they need for their performance and they “head up the mountain.” It is quite exciting to watch them load and unload everything when they arrive and then depart and it makes me realize how involved “coming to the mountain” can be so that all of us can enjoy this magnificent symphony orchestra in such a beautiful setting. Back go the instruments, the seats and, of course, the musicians.  Following each year’s performance musicians and guests walk across the street to the rectory where patrons, starry-eyed audience members and the local music students who are part of the Arrowhead Arts Association’s program enjoy a reception and it is always interesting and great fun. The local children who are part of the Arrowhead Arts Association strings program always play and I have to say they are quite amazing.

This extraordinary group of residents  helps support, often financially, local children who want to learn to play an instrument. The organization truly is one-of-a-kind and their years of support in so many ways simply shows how dedicated the organization is to their slogan of “Bringing Music to the Mountains.” Trust me, they do in many different ways!

The symphony’s “home base” is the historic California Theater of the Performing Arts in San Bernardino. “Home base” for the Arrowhead Arts Association is, of course, Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding mountain communities of Crestline and Running Springs. Throughout the decades since the organization was formed they have always focused on bring music to the mountains in many different ways. The members and board members of this incredible group keep “plugging away” and we, the residents are the benefactors of their interest and support of music in our communities.

For more information on the San Bernardino Symphony log onto their website at: or “like them” on Facebook. To reach the Arrowhead Arts Association or to join this organization log onto: By joining your help will help this exceptional group of people who give so much to our communities so supporting them is a vital part of saying “thank you!” The application information is available on the website.

I know I’m not the only one who, now that this season is over, is going to anxiously awaiting next year’s season and their return, next fall to our Rim of the World communities. It is always an honor to have these extremely talented musicians and their exceptional conductor and music director, Frank Paul  Fetta.

A huge “thank you” to the members of this philanthropic organization who raise funds to help our communities and who donate so much of their lives to bringing wonderful music to our neighborhoods and our hearts!